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Porsche disputes wrongful death suit in Paul Walker crash

Many film fans in Montana and elsewhere still mourn the 2013 death of actor Paul Walker. On that fateful November night, Mr. Walker and a friend had taken the actor’s Porsche Carrera GT out for a spin, and ended up in a fiery crash that killed both men, despite their wearing seatbelts. Recently, Mr. Walker’s 16-year-old daughter filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche, alleging the car company was responsible for her father’s death due to flaws in the vehicle’s design.

What are Montana’s personal injury statutes of limitation?

Following an act of negligence, you might be considering filing a lawsuit. In Montana, victims of a personal injury accident have the right to pursue a claim to hold the responsible party accountable for associated damages. However, there is a timeframe within which you must file your suit, or you may miss the opportunity to obtain compensation.

What are some of the most common boating hazards?

There is no better time than the summer for families in Montana to enjoy boating along any of the state’s beautiful lakeshores. While this activity can be fun and create lifelong memories, you and your loved ones may also face numerous dangers. Boating accidents are a major cause of injuries and fatalities across the country.

Safety violations result in many construction fatalities

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable in a dangerous job like the construction industry. However, there are other times when the negligence of a construction company, property owner, manager or fellow worker contributes to a serious injury or death that could have been prevented. There are many ways to be injured on a construction site in Montana and elsewhere across the country, states EHS Today, but four types stand out as the most common ways to suffer a fatal workplace accident.

Successfully handling wrongful death claims

Specializing in a variety of wrongful death claims, our law firm handles each case in a professional and compassionate manner. As a group of attorneys with a combined experience of 100+ years, we have compelling methods of advocacy that have resulted in successful outcomes even in the most complex and emotionally challenged cases throughout the state of Montana. Our proven strategies for our clients' success are driven by the deep understanding we have for people dealing with the unnecessary loss of a loved one.

Montana reports fatal crash numbers for year to date

According to the Montana Highway Patrol, the Bozeman district was reported have the second-highest motor vehicle fatality rate in the state so far for the year 2014. As of July 14, statistics revealed that 14 lives have been lost on roads within the district, which nearly doubles 2013's total count of eight fatalities.

Lack of OSHA regulations puts oil field workers at risk

One newspaper reportedly has looked at data produced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration concerning oil field accidents that have occurred since 2007. Among concerns of the newspaper was the failure of the federal government to implement safety standards concerning onshore oil and gas drilling for 22 years.

Montana man involved in fatal accident

Drinking and driving can result in fatal accidents that can cause physical and emotional damage. The inappropriate decision to get behind the wheel after drinking has the potential to destroy many lives and can result in irreversible consequences. A family who has lost a relative in a fatal accident may feel anger in the midst of their grief as they decide how they will move forward.

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