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Posts tagged "medical malpractice"

Missed diagnosis a frequent cause of medical malpractice claims

For many Montana residents, receiving a diagnosis of cancer from a doctor can be an earth-shattering moment. Even though some kinds of cancer have become more treatable in recent years thanks to medical research and innovation, for many people, the word "cancer" can amount to a virtual death sentence.

Study links nerve injury to robo-assisted surgery

Many doctors agree that there are benefits to robotic surgery, which is a relatively new type of surgery for treating patients with bladder, prostate, adrenal gland and kidney problems. But there are risks, too, and patients have been badly injured by the robo-assisted procedure itself.

Reports point to painful and costly reality of medical errors

Recent reports show that the United States has a serious problem with medical errors. They happen every single day, often with catastrophic results. These errors are in large part caused by miscommunication among doctors, hospital staff and pharmacists, with medication errors being the most common types of mistakes.

Surgical errors: Shocking data in new study of 'never events'

They're called "never events": surgical errors that are completely preventable and should never happen. But these surgical errors do happen, and they happen at an alarming rate, according to a recent study.

Medical malpractice: A tale of dentistry gone wrong

The vast majority of medical professionals are responsible and skilled individuals whose primary concern is the well-being of patients. But there other kinds of medical professionals, too, the ones whose practice resembles that of a mad scientist rather than a caring doctor. Bozeman-area residents with medical malpractice concerns may be interested in the story of a dentist whose patients have experienced some less-than-satisfactory dental work.

Montana parents say drug company responsible for birth defects

Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other parties subject to medical malpractice and product liability claims often have extensive legal resources to fight the allegations. Meanwhile, the people who suffer as a result of doctor errors and defective products have to rely on their own resources to get through a trying time. The hope for the plaintiff is that the responsible parties are held accountable and that enough compensation is awarded to cover the damages caused by the defendants' negligence.

Deadly infection from contaminated IV bags, nurse's theft the cause

A nurse who stole narcotics from the hospital where she worked is being blamed for the contamination of IV bags. Six patients underwent intensive medical care and one died after contracting a rare bacterial infection from their IV bags, which were contaminated during the theft of drugs. The nurse has pled guilty to the theft charges.

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