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Assigning liability when nursery products injure children

Parents of newborns and toddlers in Bozeman no doubt go to great lengths to ensure their nursery products are safe. Yet no amount of product research can eliminate the dangers that certain items may pose to infants. Should a baby or toddler be injured or killed by a nursery product, one might inevitably question who is to blame.

Why are drugs recalled?

Like most in Bozeman, you take prescription or over-the-counter medications expecting some sort of medical benefit. One can only imagine the panic you must feel if you find out that one of the medications that you take has been recalled. Your first thought may be to assume to the worst, that being that you will inevitably experience major medical complications. Yet that is not always the case. So before you get too worried about how a recalled drug is going to affect you, it may help to first understand why medications are recalled.  

What should you do if you own food that has been recalled?

If you are like most in Bozeman, you may go to the grocery store expecting that the products that you are buying are safe for consumption. In most cases, they are. However, food recalls happen frequently enough in the U.S. to warrant your attention. The Food Safety and Inspection Service reports over 21.1 million pounds of food were recalled in America last year alone. To best avoid falling victim to potentially contaminated food, it may be important for you know what to do should you discover that a food product you own has been recalled.

Determining if tire blowouts were due to defects

Nothing may be more frightening to experience than having a tire blowout while driving on Bozeman’s roads and highways. Many of those that we at Cok Kinzler PLLP work with following car accidents may often attribute the cause of their accidents to blowouts. Their beliefs may be warranted, given that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration listed tire failure as the cause of more than 78,000 accidents studied in a 2012 report. If you too were involved in an accident due to tire failure, your immediate question may be is can the tire manufacturer be held liable. The simple answer is yes. Unfortunately, such simplicity may not be present in your accident.

Understanding the food recall process

Every year, billions of pounds of food is cultivated, packaged, and distributed to consumers in Bozeman and throughout the rest of the U.S. Despite food safety standards, a small portion almost always has issues dangerous enough to warrant being pulled from store shelves. The United States Department of Agriculture reports that in 2015, over 21.1 million pounds of food was reclaimed through 150 product recalls. Understanding the food product recall process may help consumers better comprehend the potential dangers they may face from contaminated foods on the market.

Reviewing product recall standards

Turn on, log in, or pick up a publication from any media outlet, and finding a story regarding a product recall may not be too difficult. People often come to us here at Cok Kinzler PLLP questioning when a company must recall a product over safety concerns. If you or a loved one has come in contact with a potentially dangerous item in Bozeman, then you may automatically assume that it needs to be recalled. However, those companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell consumer goods actually have set guidelines in place outlining when a product must be pulled from the market. Knowing what those are may assist you in determining what sort of legal remedies may be available to you should you or a loved be injured by the item.

Victims of defective metal-on-metal hip implants win verdict

Total hip replacements are often performed to help resolve the pain and loss of movement associated with osteoarthritis, or cartilage and bone disease. This involves replacing both the socket of the hip and the head of the femur with implants to create an entirely artificial joint. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these procedures are becoming more common among younger patients, many of which are still in their 40s. Unfortunately, many types of hip implants have been found to be defective.

The truth about lead and children’s toys in Montana

Federal health agencies have taken steps to make sure that children in Montana and across the country are not exposed to toxic levels of lead. Unfortunately, some toys with unsafe lead content can find their way into the hands of little ones. This can happen because, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out, lead has no smell and is invisible to the naked eye.

Know what makes a warning label insufficient

Any product that is sold in the United States should meet certain federal requirements. At Cok Kinzler PLLP, we know consumer safety laws and how they apply to items here in Montana. Providing people with the proper information regarding how the product can be used and alert them to any potential dangers is key to ensuring safety.

Parents of young children, beware of toys containing balloons

The attorneys at Cok Kinzler PLLP are concerned about the safety of our clients and others in Montana. Now that the holiday season is almost here, it’s time once again to think about safety in terms of toys and other children’s products. Thousands of children’s products come out on the market every year and most are tested for safety standards, but many fall through the cracks. You might not know you have an unsafe toy in your home that can cause injury or death.

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