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Montana youth concussion bill garners major support

More and more people these days are coming to understand that, with head injuries, the risks are high. When a person has a concussion that goes undiagnosed, there is the risk that another concussion will lead to second-impact syndrome. In such a case, traumatic brain injury or even death can occur.

Study: MRIs better than CT scans in detecting brain injuries

Montanans with brain injury concerns will be interested in a recent study that compares CT scans and MRI scans, and how well each technique can predict the long-term effects of brain injuries. CT scans are typically used to evaluate the extent of brain injuries, but the study suggests that MRIs are better suited for making such predictions.

As winter sets in, brain injuries a risk in Montana

A registered nurse at St. Patrick's Hospital in Missoula recently pointed out in the Missoulian that traumatic brain injuries typically occur more frequently in the summer months. Montanans and people throughout the country like to go outside and enjoy the nice weather, sometimes taking part in activities that unfortunately result in injury.

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