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What does uninsured and underinsured coverage mean?

Any time you get behind the wheel, you risk getting into an accident with someone who is not insured or does not have adequate insurance to fully cover your injuries if they are at fault. In fact, claims Allstate, as many as one out of seven drivers in Montana and other states don’t even have liability insurance on their vehicles. This is against the law, as you may well be aware – every state, including Montana, requires drivers to carry liability insurance at the very minimum.

Proving liability after a car accident

When a car crash occurs in the state of Montana, the driver who did not cause the crash may be eligible to seek compensation. However, they must be able to prove to either their insurance company or the responsible driver's insurance company that they did not cause the accident. There are several pieces of information that may help strengthen the injured person's case.

Changes in the incidence of motorcycle crashes

As some Montana motorcyclists may know, demographics have changed since 2003 in terms of the age of riders and the number of fatal and nonfatal injuries. In 2012, 8.5 million motorcycles were on the road around the country. Risks include the lack of visibility a motorcycle has in comparison to passenger vehicles, alcohol use and speed.

Recalled Montana GM vehicles may have had warning years earlier

GM vehicle drivers in Bozeman may be interested in knowing that General Motors may have been alerted to trouble with certain vehicles years prior to the issue of their recall. Several rental car companies reported accidents involving their customers and asked for investigations into the circumstances.

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