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Traumatic brain injury risks and symptoms in children

Every year, countless people across the state of Montana and the entire country are directly affected by traumatic brain injuries. Accident victims and their families are often forced to deal with the immediate and long-term consequences of a traumatic incident. What many people do not realize, however, is that a huge number of TBI victims is children. Consequently, it is important for parents to be able to identify common TBI risk factors and symptoms in their kids.

How a brain injury affects behavior

An estimated 2.4 million people suffer brain injury each year from Montana to Mexico. Brain injuries are often traumatic for the victim and those close to the victim, including friends and family members. In many cases, brain injury can lead to changes in behavior, mood or ability to make sound decisions or solve complex problems. Understanding how a brain injury functions is crucial to being able to best help a person with a brain injury.

Overcoming brain injuries

It is estimated that 2.5 million people a year around the country will suffer from a traumatic brain injury. After an injury occurs, doctors and family members will work together to help an injured Montana patient live as normal a life as possible. The type of rehabilitation program designed will depend largely on the type and severity of the injury suffered. For instance, a person who is in a coma will receive specific care to manage symptoms.

Understanding traumatic brain injuries

Montana residents may benefit from learning more about traumatic brain injuries, as described by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The NINDS defines the injury, commonly referred to as TBI, as sudden trauma that damages brain tissue. The damage is often the result of a violent blow to the head that occurs suddenly. The injury may also be caused by an object penetrating the skull and coming into direct contact with the victim's brain tissue.

Traumatic brain injuries can affect mood, cognitive function

Traumatic brain injuries affect millions of people in Montana and around the country each year, leading to a range of behavioral and cognitive issues. Around 2.5 million people experienced a traumatic brain injury in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control. They also contribute to injury-related deaths in around one in three people. These injuries don't just happen to athletes, and can result from something as simple as a bump or blow to the head.

Social workers may help alleviate the effects of brain injuries

More than a million traumatic brain injuries are treated each year in hospitals and emergency rooms across the country. These injuries can happen for a number of reasons, from a car accident to a work injury to getting hit by falling materials. They can also vary widely in how they affect a person.

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