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If a product is dangerous, you may have a legal case

When a product is made with defects or is potentially hazardous without the appropriate warnings, a manufacturer or seller could face product liability lawsuits. As there have been many lawsuits like this in the history of the United States, you may have a case if you're hurt because a product that was not working as intended.

Taking legal action after being hurt by a defective product

When you buy a product from a local store, you expect it to be safe to use. You expect that the seller will know where they're getting products, that the manufacturer will be creating safe items and that the wholesaler won't allow dangerous items to be sold.

Parents should watch out for extremely strong magnets

Magnets that are made from rare materials can cause significant injury to children if they are swallowed. These magnets are up to 30 times stronger than the type that Montana residents and others use in their homes or in schools. Mostly sold to children as a toy, the products were banned in 2014, but the ban was rescinded by a group of federal judges in 2016. In 2019, it was estimated that 1,666 of these magnets were ingested by children, which was an increase from 281 reported incidents in 2016.

Subaru being sued for allegedly defective airbags

People in Montana who own Subaru Outbacks might want to learn about a lawsuit against the manufacturer. The class-action lawsuit was filed by a woman in Virginia who claims that the vehicle's curtain side airbags are defective and responsible for seriously injuring her.

Dangerous products may carry "Amazon's Choice" label

Many Montana consumers do an increasing amount of their purchasing online, especially on large clearinghouse websites like Amazon. While there are numerous reports of counterfeit or questionable items making their way onto Amazon, many people rely on "Amazon's Choice" recommendations to guide them to good decisions. However, according to an investigation by journalists at The Wall Street Journal, the badge is visible on a number of products that are mislabeled, unsafe or in violation of Amazon's listing policies. For example, the tagline has appeared beside products that carry false safety certifications, are designated as controlled substances or fail to meet U.S. guidelines for safe products.

Toyota announces second phase of airbag recall

More than 40 million vehicles have been recalled in Montana and around the country in recent years because of potentially deadly problems with airbags supplied by the Japanese parts manufacturer Takata. Toyota initially addressed the issue by replacing faulty Takata airbags in more than 900,000 Lexus, Scion and Toyota models with new Takata airbags. The carmaker has now announced that it is ready to implement the second phase of its airbag remedy by replacing the new Takata airbags with airbags supplied by a different vendor.

Product testing is critical to protecting consumers

When creators of new products in Montana are preparing to release a new prototype to their consumers, there are many ways they could go about testing their product. In the most effective scenario, businesses will take adequate time and resources to identify potential problems and address them before releasing them to the public. Additionally, they will run multiple tests to guarantee that the product they are offering is safe, reliable and functional. 

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