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Identifying the most common types of medical negligence

The key to effectively treating many kinds of serious injuries and medical conditions is often early diagnosis. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a disease in a timely manner not only allows for prompt intervention but also goes a long way to prevent the condition in question from progressing. Unfortunately, though, medical negligence on the part of trained physicians is known to prevent many patients from receiving life-saving treatments. If you or a loved one is now forced to confront the consequences of a delayed or failed diagnosis, it is important for you to understand your legal rights and options. That is why the attorneys at Cok Kinzler, P.L.L.P., are committed to advocating on behalf of our clients and medical malpractice victims.

Speech problems associated with accidents

Montana residents may know that the effects of traumatic brain injuries are varied. One such effect may be the loss of the ability to move the muscles of the tongue and lips to form words. When this happens, the words may be distorted, or a very different word might be substituted.

Overcoming brain injuries

It is estimated that 2.5 million people a year around the country will suffer from a traumatic brain injury. After an injury occurs, doctors and family members will work together to help an injured Montana patient live as normal a life as possible. The type of rehabilitation program designed will depend largely on the type and severity of the injury suffered. For instance, a person who is in a coma will receive specific care to manage symptoms.

Measles complications may pose serious risks

As Montana residents may know, an increase in the number of measles cases has caused a flurry of discussion about vaccinations. Some physicians have expressed concern that misdiagnosis in the initial stages of the disease is possible. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, physicians should familiarize themselves with the symptoms of measles and keep a close eye on any patients exhibiting symptoms that might be potential cases. Many younger physicians have never seen the disease.

Pharmaceutical company charged for selling contaminated drugs

Montana patients may be shocked to learn that, on Dec. 17, 14 people were criminally charged for their alleged role in a meningitis outbreak that left 64 people dead. Authorities suspect that he outbreak, which occurred in 2012, was caused by the use of expired, improperly sterilized ingredients by pharmacists.

Long-term care and rehospitalization rates for brain injuries

Victims of brain injuries in Montana face higher overall medical and rehabilitation costs than those with other types of injuries. As the associated costs are so high, insurance companies have reacted by slashing the number of days people are initially hospitalized as well as the amount of time spent in rehabilitation for the injuries.

Montana medical malpractice law

Under Montana law, there are specific limits on legal actions regarding medical malpractice cases. These limits are intended to clarify the definition of medical malpractice. They also establish time limits during which legal actions are permitted to take place.

Disease misdiagnoses cause disability, death

Montana residents might take an interest in an article that describes the 12 most commonly misdiagnosed conditions. An MD, who is also the American College of Physicians' Board of Governors internist and chair, insisted that good doctors do not feel threatened when patients seek a second opinion.

Montana reports fatal crash numbers for year to date

According to the Montana Highway Patrol, the Bozeman district was reported have the second-highest motor vehicle fatality rate in the state so far for the year 2014. As of July 14, statistics revealed that 14 lives have been lost on roads within the district, which nearly doubles 2013's total count of eight fatalities.

Holes in Lyme disease treatment exposed

Montana residents may be interested in the recent case of a Boston man's prolonged battle with Lyme disease. Surprisingly, the biggest problem was not the disease itself but rather the difficult of diagnosing the disease. A variety of problems caused what would have been a relatively simple treatment to become a 10-month ordeal that left the man in terrible pain and with additional health problems caused by incorrect treatments.

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