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Drilling rig accident kills 2, injures 3

Residents of Montana may have heard of an accident in Oklahoma that resulted in two fatalities and caused injuries to three people. The incident occurred early in the morning hours of Dec. 26 in a remote area about 100 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. According to reports, there was an explosion and a fire, but authorities do not yet know which one came first and what the actual cause of the accident was.

Woman killed in head-on collision

The Montana Highway Patrol confirmed that a 23-year-old woman was killed in a two-car crash on Aug. 20. The accident took place northwest of Whitefish along U.S. 93 near Farm to Market Road. Troopers are still investigating the fatal accident, and there have been no reports about any criminal charges being filed.

Montana reports fatal crash numbers for year to date

According to the Montana Highway Patrol, the Bozeman district was reported have the second-highest motor vehicle fatality rate in the state so far for the year 2014. As of July 14, statistics revealed that 14 lives have been lost on roads within the district, which nearly doubles 2013's total count of eight fatalities.

Detached horse trailer causes fatal accident on Montana highway

Towing a trailer of any kind takes care and heightened awareness when traveling on a Montana highway. A large and heavy trailer can become disconnected due to negligence on part of the person making the hitch connection, a faulty mechanism or just a random accident. When a trailer does disconnect from its tow while in motion, there is great risk that it could be involved in a serious or fatal accident with another vehicle. Recently, a late-morning trailer problem on a local Montana highway resulted in a fatal accident.

Montana man involved in fatal accident

Drinking and driving can result in fatal accidents that can cause physical and emotional damage. The inappropriate decision to get behind the wheel after drinking has the potential to destroy many lives and can result in irreversible consequences. A family who has lost a relative in a fatal accident may feel anger in the midst of their grief as they decide how they will move forward.

Wrongful death lawsuit against the Department of Transportation

A sudden accident that takes the life of someone who is deeply loved can leave family members with deep grief and a desire for closure. The surviving family may seek legal action to hold certain people or entities responsible for negligently contributing to the wrongful death of their loved one. A recent wrongful death lawsuit against the Department of Transportation in Montana seeks to hold it responsible for the loss of a young man's life.

Fatal accident statistics revealed in a Montana report

Every year, many people tragically lose their life while driving from poor decisions made by others. When an unexpected car crash takes the life of a loved one a person can feel grief peppered with anger and a desire for justice. The recently published fatal accident statistics revealed in a Montana report show the staggering number of those killed from vehicle crashes as well as those injured.

Man charged for a fatal accident that killed two

Driving under the influence of alcohol can have lasting consequences that can destroy the lives of those involved and their loved ones. A fatal accident can be the end result for those who choose to get behind the wheel after drinking, leaving them with unavoidable responsibility. A Montana man who was recently charged for a fatal accident that killed two could possibly face legal action from both the state and the loved ones of the victims.

Fatal accident took the life of a passenger and injures others

In the event of a fatal accident on a Montana highway, first responders begin to assist the victims and help remove them from the wreckage. When the crash involves a group of people who have suffered due to the potentially poor choices of a friend, it can be confusing to know what a person's rights are and where to begin. When a fatal accident took the life of a passenger and injures others in the same vehicle, a great deal of uncertainty may accompany the grief and loss felt by loved ones.

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