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Automotive supplier faces recall pressures

Montana residents whose vehicles are fitted with air bags may be concerned about reports of deployment problems. Takata, an automotive supplier, is facing pressures by government officials in connection with the need for parts to make the appropriate repairs. Nearly 8 million air bags are of concern in the defective product case.

Bard agrees to settle vaginal-mesh implant lawsuits

Montana women might be interested to hear that C.R. Bard Inc., a corporation operating out of New Jersey, recently opted to settle hundreds of lawsuits purporting that the company's vaginal-mesh implants proved over time to be injurious to women. According to many claimants, the device is responsible for a litany of serious complications, including infections, organ damage and bleeding.

Who can be held responsible for product liability?

Montana consumers may purchase defective products unknowingly. If injury results, a consumer may recover some of the financial loss incurred as a result of the injury. Liability law is not governed by federal laws, and state statutes are used. Under the concept of strict liability, a consumer is obligated to prove they were harmed by the defective product without proving manufacturer negligence.

Johnson & Johnson face suit for pinnacle hip replacements

Montana residents may have heard that Johnson and Johnson is making news because the company's DePuy pinnacle hip devices are reportedly defective. Versions of the artificial hip units that use metal on metal allegedly result in metal debris that can get into a patient's bloodstream and cause infection. Jury selection for the trial in Dallas began on September 2.

GM initiates another recall

Montana residents may be affected by a substantial recall announced by General Motors on June 30. An analyst with Kelley Blue Book says the series of recalls announced by GM has not had any significant impact on the automaker's sales as of yet. In this latest recall, 7.6 million vehicles are affected, many due to the issues stemming from the faulty ignition switch that initiated earlier recalls.

Hyundai ordered to pay millions for alleged defective product

The concept underlying product safety is that companies are responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and safe operation of the products they sell to the public. This basis of trust can be undermined, however, by a negligent manufacturer who knowingly or inadvertently makes an inherently dangerous product as a result of a design defect.

Negligence by General Motors results in $35 million fine

As consumers, individuals have a tendency to assume that the items available for purchase have been tested for safety. However, just because these checks are typically in place, it does not necessarily ensure that correctly product is free from defects. Sometimes people can unknowingly purchase a defective product.

GM documents reveal recall avoidance for defective product

Recognizing the potentially devastating impact of issuing a recall for products, a look into GM’s document history demonstrates that the company took multiple measures to circumvent the recall process. In cases with a defective product, the safest thing for manufacturers to do is to issue a recall as soon as claims begin reporting problems, injuries, or death. Unfortunately, these manufacturers do not always put the safety of consumers first. The GM recall is the latest in a string of news stories about defective auto parts and failure to recall that have put drivers in Montana and beyond in peril.

Montana reaches $5.9 million settlement over Risperdal

The state of Montana was one of many that filed suit against Janssen Ortho LLC and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., over the marketing of Risperdal, an atypical antipsychotic medication that is used to treat various psychological disorders. The drug is the source of several product liability  claims that have either been settled or are still pending.

Woman files lawsuit for wrongful death from product liability

The death of an unborn child can be a painful and difficult experience for loved ones. A Montana patron who suffers an injury due to product liability may be angry and feel confused about his or her rights regarding the accident. An injured woman recently made the decision to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against a large national retailer for product liability in a situation that possibly took the life of her unborn baby.

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