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Winter driving 101: staying safe on icy, snowy roads

Montana residents will want to avoid going out as much as possible when the roads are icy, wet or snowy. For those times that they cannot avoid being out on the winter roads, though, the following tips should help in lowering the risk for collisions. The first tip is to simply slow down. Even following the speed limit can be too fast in snowy conditions; the tires will lose traction and the car will be more likely to lose control.

AAA: drivers should beware of drowsiness after end of DST

The end of daylight saving time may give everyone an extra hour to sleep, but it still disrupts the body's internal clock. This means that one may need to contend with a little drowsiness the day of the change and even the day after. Drivers in Montana should keep in mind what sort of effect drowsiness can have on their ability to concentrate on the road.

Car with highest safety rating is deemed the most crash-prone

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has given the Subaru Crosstrek its highest possible safety rating. The Crosstrek, as many drivers in Montana know, boasts great fuel efficiency and is considered relatively inexpensive. However, a recent survey from the auto insurance comparison site Insurify has discovered that the Crosstrek is the most accident-prone vehicle on American roads.

How motorcyclists can avoid accidents

Do you love the feeling of riding your motorcycle on the wide Montana highways, seeing the gorgeous mountain views and feeling the air on your face? Unfortunately, the freedom of operating a bike comes with the downside of the potential for a serious crash. We here at Cok Kinzler understand that as a motorcyclist, you want to do everything in your power to keep yourself safe on the roadways. 

One killed, seven injured in Deer Lodge demolition derby

Most in Bozeman might assume that the potential for dangerous encounters with automobiles is limited to the area's roads and highways. In actuality, however, any activity involving a vehicle can be risky. While a car accident is typically defined to be a collision involving a moving vehicle on the road, any accident that involves the use of a car, truck or SUV is deemed (at least for the purpose of insurance coverage) a car accident. This can include encounters between vehicles and pedestrians or spectators at an automotive event. And just as is the case with traditional car accidents, negligence or recklessness can come into play in such events. 

Why should you replace your child's car seat after an accident?

If you have been involved in a serious car accident in Montana that left your family injured, your first priority should be focusing on your healing and recovery. With time, all of the legalities surrounding fault, insurance payouts and any legal consequences will be worked out. One of the small, but critical details that should be remembered once you are back on your feet is that you must replace any child restraints you had in your vehicle at the time of your accident. 

Important information to get from your car accident

If you have been involved in a car accident in Montana, one of the first things that will happen is calling 911. Once authorities arrive and begin talking to the people involved, it is important to know what information you should have before leaving the scene. At Cok Kinzler PLLP, we are committed to helping people through the process of recovering from a car accident. 

Bicycle accidents during Memorial Day weekend

Many people enjoy celebrating Memorial Day, and Americans across the country recently celebrated this holiday with their loved ones. Warmer temperatures and the unofficial start of summer brought many people together to enjoy barbecues, go to the beach and ride their bicycles. Unfortunately, this also brings the chance of a bicycle accident, which may be especially likely due to drunk driving and busy traffic. If you were involved in a bike accident during the holiday weekend, you may be struggling with a number of serious challenges.

Family vacations and motor vehicle wrecks

Many people welcome Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start of the summer season, and a lot of families go on road trips over this holiday weekend and look forward to additional vacations during the summer months. Some parents may be able to take time off work during this season and many kids are out of school. Combined with warmer temperatures, this can be an excellent time of year to take to the road and visit another state (or a different country). Unfortunately, this carries a number of risks, including the possibility of a motor vehicle accident.

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