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First responders risk accident-related injuries on the job

First responders are pleading with Montana residents to slow down when approaching stationary emergency vehicles of any sort. This follows recent tragedies involving professionals stopped on the road to help motorists. In some cases, the results are fatal; in others, victims suffer from accident-related injuries that may significantly affect their lives. In any case, tow truck operators, police officers and other first responders literally put their lives on the line when they must spend some time on the side of interstate highways and other roads helping stranded motorists or working an accident scene.

Montana car accident: Woman killed, DUI suspected

As all drivers know, the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle can be daunting. Many different things can go wrong when one person is in charge of a large piece of machinery, leading to injury or even death for a vehicle's occupants or nearby pedestrians or cyclists. Some driving mistakes happen due to circumstances beyond a driver's control, but all too often, a car accident results from driver error that can be traced back to an irresponsible choice made before he or she got behind the wheel. This seems to have been the case when a truck and a van collided on a Montana highway, killing a woman.

Accident-related injuries may cause long-term pain and suffering

Most Montana residents understand that drinking and driving do not mix well, yet surprisingly, some drivers still consume an excessive amount of alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Not surprisingly, many of these drivers cause collisions that often end up leaving victims with accident-related injuries costing them physical and emotional pain, suffering and even lost income. In one such example, a Great Falls man was arrested following an incident in a lounge and casino parking lot. Allegedly, he hit a pedestrian and then fled the scene.

Montana 3-vehicle car accident kills 1, injuries 3 others

People in Montana and everywhere else know when they get into a motor vehicle, whether as a driver or a passenger, they take on the risk of becoming involved in a crash. Even pedestrians and cyclists who travel on or near roadways can suffer injury or death due to a car accident. Of course, in most cases, people arrive at their destination with no incident at all, but tragic events can and do happen, and in some cases, a person's life can change drastically in a matter of seconds, often because of one person's negligence. This may have been the case for three people who were injured in a three-vehicle crash northwest of Whitefish.

The possible physical and monetary damage of a spinal cord injury

While some life-changing events can be wonderful, others can be completely devastating. For instance, if a person suffers a spinal cord injury, his or her life will change in a number of ways, and in most cases, those changes will come with a significant number of hardships as well.

Air ambulance costs are an expensive part of serious injuries

The scenery is pristine as you and your outfit rumble up the mountains. The engine of your ATVs is the only sound that interrupts the peace of the moment. Led by your guide, your group embarks up a steep path knowing that the trail will be rough, but the view on the other side will be magnificent. As you make your way up the face of the mountain, you come across a particularly rough patch. You're not sure if you should keep going with your ATVs or hike the rest of the way. Suddenly, your partner gives their ATV a little too much gas and they roll.

Piecing your life together after a Thanksgiving crash

Each year, families across the country come together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this holiday can also increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle wreck happening. If you were hurt in an accident that occurred on Thanksgiving, your life may have been overturned in multiple ways. Perhaps you are reading this post in a hospital bed or maybe you have recently returned home. Either way, it is vital to know your rights and pursue any tools that can help you recover.

Halloween celebrations and traffic accidents

During Halloween, the chances of auto accidents occurring may be even greater for various reasons. Aside from a noticeable increase in pedestrian and vehicle traffic due to trick-or-treating and other holiday celebrations, some people also get behind the wheel after drinking too much on Halloween. Sadly, these behaviors can increase the likelihood of a crash which may cause devastating injuries or even the loss of innocent lives. If you were involved in an accident that occurred on or around Halloween, this may sound all too familiar. Whether you are facing the loss of someone you loved or a serious injury, our law firm recognizes the importance of assessing different options on the table and moving forward.

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