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Brain Injuries Archives

What could be some health impacts caused by brain injuries?

Nobody is ever prepared for a sudden brain injury, nor to lose as much functionality as they do after one happens. Their families may be strained trying to cope, and everyone involved in the situation may worry about what's going to come next.

A diffuse axonal injury can lead to coma and lifelong challenges

Of the types of brain injuries that exist today, one of the most damaging is one caused by torsion. When the brain spins within the skull, there can be a great deal of ripping and tearing. This may lead to bleeding on the brain as well as direct damage to the brain.

You could have a brain injury even without impacting your head

You probably know that a brain injury can happen if you hit your head, but did you know that it could happen even if you don't? Brain injuries can happen when the brain impacts the inside of the skull, even if the skull isn't impacted from the outside.

Occupational therapy may need to be included in your settlement

When you woke up in the hospital, you felt groggy and a little disconnected. You had someone come to explain to you that you'd been involved in a traffic accident. The next several days were a blur as you went through various tests and slowly started to recover.

Not all brain injuries are recoverable

Brain injuries can be both moderate and severe. Some symptoms can last for shorter or longer periods. How long they linger varies depending on the nature of the injury. These symptoms can severely impact an individual's quality of life. One of the most common types of brain injuries is a concussion. They can be both severe and mild.

Traumatic brain injuries: causes and types

Traumatic brain injuries refer to any injuries that disrupt normal brain function. They can be caused by a blow to the head, by having the head violently shaken or by having something penetrate the skull. Montana residents should know that there are various causes of TBIs and many degrees of severity.

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