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November 2020 Archives

First responders risk accident-related injuries on the job

First responders are pleading with Montana residents to slow down when approaching stationary emergency vehicles of any sort. This follows recent tragedies involving professionals stopped on the road to help motorists. In some cases, the results are fatal; in others, victims suffer from accident-related injuries that may significantly affect their lives. In any case, tow truck operators, police officers and other first responders literally put their lives on the line when they must spend some time on the side of interstate highways and other roads helping stranded motorists or working an accident scene.

Medical malpractice suit settles for $5.5 million

Most Montana residents have probably heard a story or two about living donors, people who selflessly offer a part of their body to help another human live a better life. In many cases, the donor has no other connection to the recipient and just wants to help. While such acts show incredible kindness, compassion and generosity, unfortunately, typically, the act of harvesting the donor's gift carries some risk for the donor, and sometimes, the procedure does not go as planned. In the case of a man who donated bone marrow to a teenager overseas, the result was tragic. Shortly after his death, his family filed a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking damages, and the case was recently settled for $5.5 million.

Montana car accident: Woman killed, DUI suspected

As all drivers know, the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle can be daunting. Many different things can go wrong when one person is in charge of a large piece of machinery, leading to injury or even death for a vehicle's occupants or nearby pedestrians or cyclists. Some driving mistakes happen due to circumstances beyond a driver's control, but all too often, a car accident results from driver error that can be traced back to an irresponsible choice made before he or she got behind the wheel. This seems to have been the case when a truck and a van collided on a Montana highway, killing a woman.

Wrongful death: Montana tow truck operators killed at crash site

Most Montana drivers, at one time or another, have come upon a car crash while on the road. Often, following such incidents, emergency responders will close some traffic lanes around the scene, and passing vehicles must adjust their speed accordingly. However, sometimes, in this type of situation, an approaching driver will fail to see what is happening ahead, whether because he or she is distracted or simply not paying attention. This may have been the case when two tow truck operators were killed while they were dealing with a car crash on the side of Interstate 90 on a recent Sunday morning. Their surviving families may now have cause to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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