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Medical negligence can happen during medication use process

Most people in Montana and across the U.S. visit a doctor from time to time, whether for a minor ailment or a chronic condition, and they trust that, when they do so, they will receive the best care possible. Unfortunately, doctors and other health care professionals do occasionally make mistakes, and while, sometimes, this is simply a case of human error, other incidents can fall into the category of medical negligence. Doctors may make mistakes or be negligent at any point during their time with a patient, and errors made during the medication use process happen all too often, sometimes resulting in death.

Medication errors may occur at any step during the process, from the beginning when a physician prescribes the type and dosage of medication through to monitoring the patient and at any point in between. For example, physicians may prescribe the wrong dose, fail to consider drug interactions or prescribe an unauthorized drug. Most often, doctors make mistakes during the first step, when they prescribe the medication.

There are many reasons for medication errors. Most errors result from doctors being distracted, as they often have very busy days and must be responsible for many things. For example, they may forget about a patient's drug allergy or possible drug interactions, or neglect to keep in mind or properly record a patient's medical history, resulting in them prescribing the wrong drug or wrong dosage. This type of error could lead to a patient's condition worsening rather than improving, or at least slow down the therapeutic process. Medication errors can also result from illegible handwriting and use of short forms and abbreviations on a prescription, which a pharmacist may then misinterpret.

Certainly, doctors are human and may make mistakes. However, if a mistake seems to be a result of medical negligence and has caused a patient undue harm or even death, the patient or his or her surviving family members may consider seeking compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible. In Montana, as in all states, attorneys experienced in this area of the law are available to answer questions and discuss options moving forward.

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