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When poor vision causes a crash

There are a smorgasbord of reasons why people are involved in motor vehicle crashes, whether they happen because of intoxication or roads that have been covered in ice. However, our firm realizes that other causes, some of which are ignored by certain people, can result in a fatal collision or an accident that leaves victims with debilitating injuries. For example, someone whose eyesight is poor may cause an accident if they ignore their problems with vision and get behind the wheel.

Knowing where uninsured patients can get care

If you do not have health insurance, you may think that Bozeman's many hospitals and healthcare clinics are essentially closed to you and your family. Several of those that we here at Cok Kinzler PLLP have assisted in the past have shared this same belief. Yet we can assure you that care is available when you truly need it. Federal regulations require healthcare providers to see you in certain situations, regardless of your ability to pay. Understanding what those are may help you identify when a facility may be violating the law by refusing you treatment. 

Can you be denied coverage due to a brain injury?

When you think about the expenses associated with an accident in Bozeman, you likely only consider the immediate costs, such as medical care. Yet if you were to suffer a brain injury in said accident, you might very well have to deal with the after effects for several years (potentially even until the end of your life). The good news is that if you require medical care related to your brain injury in the future, your health insurance will cover those costs. That is true even if you switch plans. The Affordable Care Act prohibited insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions back in 2014. Yet what if your brain injury disables you, making you unable to work? 

Helena teen killed in rollover accident

Those who are just learning to drive on Bozeman's roads may need time to build up their skills to the point of being considered truly competent behind the wheel. Until then, one might expect their lack of experience (and in some cases, perhaps even a certain degree of recklessness) to make put them at a greater risk of causing or being involved in accidents. 

Detailing the duty to render aid in Montana

Certainly no one in Bozeman wants to be involved in a car accident. Perhaps even more than the fear of injury or sustaining damage to their vehicles, people want to avoid accidents simply because they do not want to have to deal with the consequences that come with them. It may be this desire more than anything else that prompts people to leave the scene of an automobile collision before the authorities can arrive. Indeed, according to information shared by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, as many as 11 percent of accidents reported to the law enforcement involve at least one driver who flees the scene. 

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