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Are product expiration dates required by law?

When you think of expiration dates on products, you most likely associate them with foods and beverages. You might not think twice about using a battery that has passed its expiration date, but drinking from a carton of month-old milk is another matter. The main reason why you avoid foods whose dates say that they have expired is to avoid them making you sick. Yet does product dating actually describe when foods go bad, and is it required by law

Explaining the idea of assumption of risk

Bozeman and other areas in Montana have plenty to offer in terms of excitement and diversion. You can enjoy boating in any of state's many lakes, hunting in its forests, or hiking through its back country. Yet as the past experiences of many of the clients that we at Cok Kinzler have worked with demonstrate, these activities bring with them an inherent level of risk. Your first assumption may be those supervising or sponsoring them assume the risks that you and other participants may face. However, those same parties may just as easily argue that you and others understood the dangers an activity posed going in. 

Connecting heuristics to diagnostic errors

The doctors staffing the hospitals and clinics throughout Bozeman put a great deal of time and effort into their education and training. The expectation that comes from that is that they will be able to recognize the appropriate clinical indicators when diagnosing and subsequently treating patients. Diagnostic errors, however, remain a huge problem in healthcare. According to study information shared by the National Patient Safety Foundation, as many as 80,000 people per year may die due to diagnostic errors. This alarmingly high incidence rate may cause many to question how, with all of the technology at their disposal, are doctors able to assign a wrong diagnosis. 

Rehabbing a traumatic brain injury

For most of the clients that we here Cok Kinzler PLLP assist whose lives have been affected by a traumatic brain injury, their injuries (or those of their loved ones) are more mild in nature. The good news is that if you or a family member suffer such an injury, there is the potential for recovery (to a certain extent). The bad news is that you still could be facing enormous rehabilitation costs.

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