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What are the consequences of distracted driving?

Each day, drivers become distracted while they are in control of a vehicle for various reasons. Often, cell phones are the reason why a driver becomes distracted, whether they are responding to a text message, reading an email or talking to someone. However, there are many other types of behavior that can result in distracted driving, which has serious consequences for people across the state of Montana.

Defining the different types of product defects

Like all consumers in Bozeman, you buy a product believing that it will do that which it is intended to do. Sometimes you might have to suffer through the annoyance of it not working as well as you would like, yet your dissatisfication typically is not enough to support a liability claim against the manufacturer. However, as many of the clients that we here at Cok Kinzler PLLP have worked with have discovered, products can often go beyond annoying you to even causing harm to you and/or your loved ones. In order to assign liability, the harm caused in your case often has to be traced back to a defect with the product. 

Rollover crash near Bonner claims 2 lives

To have to suffer through the loss of a loved one in a car accident in Bozeman may be unbearable. What might make such an ordeal even more so is if it is later learned that the negligent or reckless actions of another might have contributed to such a tragedy. Often, people assign the blame for car accidents to either other motorists one the road or, in the case of single car crashes, the actions of the drivers themselves. Yet what about instances where the unexplained acts of a passenger contributed to a collision?

How fast was the other guy going?

After having been in a car accident in Bozeman, your first concern (after seeing to the care of yourself and others involved, of course) is often focused on the conduct of the driver that caused the collision. Assigning liability in such a situation may be much easier if you are able to establish that he or she was driving recklessly. The easiest way to do this is typically determining whether the driver was speeding. This may seem simple given that speed limits are typically clearly posted, yet that is not always the case.

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