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Rollover near Logan results in two kids being ejected from car

The use of seatbelts and safety restraints to protect people while driving on Bozeman’s roads is an action that some can easily take for granted and forget to do. Many may believe that their own safe driving skills are enough to protect them from accidents. They then may allow that belief to justify not taking the extra time to ensure that themselves and their passengers are secured before driving. Sadly, it often takes a crash and one sustaining serious injuries to discover the folly in such thinking.

Examining the warning requirements for disabled vehicles

With more vehicles on Bozeman’s highways thanks to summertime travel comes an increased likelihood of you encountering one stopped on the shoulder or middle of the road. Many have comes to us here at Cok Kinzler PLLP after having been in collisions with disabled vehicles wondering what sort of requirements the drivers of such vehicles have to warn others of their presence. The answer to that question depends largely on the type of vehicle involved.

Reviewing average doctor visit times

The doctors and other clinicians working in the hospitals and medical centers in and around Bozeman have studied their craft for years and supplemented that learning with extensive clinical training. Yet even with all of this acquired expertise, diagnostic errors remain a problem that plagues the American healthcare system. Information shared by the National Center for Policy Analysis shows that some studies indicate that as many as 10-20 percent of cases are misdiagnosed.

What are post-traumatic headaches?

If you happen to sustain a concussion, the common school of thought is that the symptoms that accompany it will abate in a few days or, in some extreme cases, a couple of weeks. Yet what if they do not? One of the more common symptoms of a concussion is severe headaches. Oftentimes, concussion victims will complain of chronic headaches months to years after having suffered their initial injuries. This problem is referred to as post-traumatic headaches. If such an issue is plaguing you, then you may be wondering how it could impact your life and career in Bozeman.

City sued in the aftermath of police shooting

When news regarding wrongful death lawsuits breaks in Bozeman, most may likely associate them with claims filed between one private citizen against another. There will also be times when perhaps a company or corporation is named as the defendant in such an action, particularly in workplace accidents involving employees. Yet naming a city as a defendant? Indeed, if city or state officials are viewed as having contributed to one’s death (either through negligence or allegedly reckless action), the city or municipality itself may end up facing a civil action.

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