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April 2017 Archives

Understanding cause of action

Losing a loved one to an accident in Bozeman can be a heartbreaking experience. In such a case, few may question your decision to attempt to hold those whose actions or inactions may have contributed to your family member or friend’s death responsible. However, many often come to us here at Cok Kinzler PLLP prepared to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit, only to discover that not all unanticipated deaths warrant such action. Thus, before considering seeking legal recourse, it may first be helpful to understand wrongful death cause of action.

Understanding the concept of market share liability

Most in Bozeman may assume that product liability cases generally play out as follows: One is injured by a product, then sues that product’s manufacturer. Yet what if one cannot identify a dangerous product’s exact manufacturer? Is he or she then left without any legal recourse?

Examining different forms of driving distractions

While you, like many, might consider drunk drivers to be the biggest threat to your safety on Bozeman’s roads, another safety risk that often goes overlooked is distracted drivers. When hearing the term “distracted driver,” you likely envision someone using talking on their cell phone or texting while driving. Many of those that we here at Cok Kinzler PLLP have worked with once shared the same assumption, only to later find out that there are several different forms of distracted driving.

Court rules woman cannot sue out-of-state doctor under state laws

People in Bozeman who have suffered due to poor care rendered by medical providers may count on the law to provide them with recourse. Often, their intention is not to punish the doctors or clinicians involved, but rather earn compensation to cover the cost of the issues that they are left to deal with. However, as is the case in all legal proceedings, issues such as jurisdiction must first be settled before one can move forward with any intended legal action.

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