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March 2017 Archives

What are the common injury risks in the oil industry?

If you work in the oil industry in Montana, then you have likely been exposed to the many risks of the job. The oil industry is well-known for its potential dangers. It is also highly regulated by the government to ensure the safety of workers. However, despite regulations, accidents still occur. According to records from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the best way to prevent injuries is to be aware of them.

Reviewing bullying as a cause of action for wrongful death

Most may assume that the details of a majority of wrongful death lawsuits filed both in Bozeman and throughout the rest of the U.S. describe negligent actions (or inactions) by a certain party. While that may be the case in many complaints, recent years have a seen a rise in a new type of wrongful death action: lawsuits involving bullying. As the concept of suing over bullying is still relatively new, states are often left scrambling to determine if their wrongful death statutes apply to such actions.

Understanding implied warranties

Like many of those in Bozeman that we here at Cok Kinzler PLLP have worked with, you may believe that you are protected from any harm or damage that a product you own may cause through its warranty. Many products do indeed come with an express warranty, or promises written into a sales contract. However, not every aspect of a product’s performance may be covered under an express warranty. Does that mean you are not protected in circumstances not specifically addressed a warranty?

Two injured in collision near Hamilton

Automobile owners in Bozeman are expected to exercise all of their best judgments when on the road. Does that include ensuring that their cars are capable of taking on the current road conditions? Or that they use caution when they hit a stretch of highway that is known to be hazardous? When the potential for multiple reasons for a single accident exists, it may be difficult to assign liability. However, responsibility does need to be established in such cases in the event that any of the parties involved need to seek compensation from the one responsible.

What is perinatal asphyxia?

Expectant parents like yourself in Bozeman typically go into their deliveries with excitement, not apprehension. While no one wants to temper your anticipation, it should still be remembered that childbirth is a complicated process, during which provider errors may occur that cause injuries to your baby. One such complication observed before and during delivery is perinatal asphyxia. You may be asking what this condition is, and can it be prevented?

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