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January 2017 Archives

Qualifying an expert witness in Montana

Medical malpractice claims may be one of the more common forms of legal actions initiated in Bozeman and throughout the rest of the state. Indeed, according to the National Practitioner Data Bank, 1,350 of such claims resulted in payouts to patients in Montana from 2005-2015. Yet those numbers may give the impression that successfully arguing such cases is easy. On the contrary, proving a claim of negligence against a physician or healthcare practitioner may be extremely difficult, as he or she likely has an expert level understanding of his or her field.

What are the minimum auto insurance coverage limits in Montana?

It may be common knowledge amongst most in Bozeman that were a law enforcement official to pull you over, the first thing he or she would likely ask is if you can provide your license and proof of insurance. While the need to see your driver’s license might be clear, why must you also show that you are insured (especially if you have not been involved in an accident)? While it may be generally accepted that carrying auto insurance is a good idea, few may actually understand that the law also requires a minimum amount of coverage. Knowing this, the question then becomes how much should you carry, and in what situations will you need it.

Former football player sues over alleged hazing incident

Most in Bozeman may likely expect their cognitive abilities to be impacted after a session of heavy drinking. However, they may also assume that those affects would go away after the alcohol works its way out of their systems. Yet what if they did not? As difficult as it may be to believe, studies have shown that excessive drinking may actually cause permanent cognitive impairments similar to those experienced by people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Such affects may usually be attributed to consistent alcohol consumption over a period of time. Could it possible, however, for cognitive deficits to develop after a single night of drinking?

Explaining the attractive nuisance doctrine

Wintertime in Bozeman brings with it certain activities that, while enjoyable, can certainly be dangerous (particularly to children). Many often come to us here at Cok Kinzler PLLP after having suffered through the tragic death of a child wondering if they have any legal recourse to help compensate for their loss. If you have lost a child to a potentially dangerous activity whose associated risks he or she would have likely not anticipated, then there may be legal precedent for you to initiate action.

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