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Defining proximate cause

Injuries caused by defective products in Bozeman can be life-altering, causing drastic changes to a victim’s as well as his or her family’s lifestyle and even potentially prohibiting him or her from ever being able to secure sufficient employment. When this is the case, accident victims may look to the possibility of earning compensation through legal action against the manufacturers of the dangerous products involved in their cases as a way to offset their financial losses. Indeed, data compiled by the Insurance Information Institute shows the average jury award for product liability cases to have been $5.27 million in 2014, more than twice the average of the next most-cited form of negligence.

Linking vicarious liability to car accidents

Imagine the following scenario: you are struck by another vehicle while driving on the streets of Bozeman. After speaking with the other driver (who clearly was at fault), you discover that he or she is in the process of making deliveries for an employer. Many have come us here at Cok Kinzler PLLP after having been in such accidents wondering who is ultimately liable: the driver or his or her employer? The answer may be both (depending on the circumstances).

What is HIPAA?

You have likely noticed that when seeking care at a hospital or healthcare clinic in Bozeman, nearly every aspect of your visit is documented. Your demographic information is taken at the front desk, and the details of the conditions that you may be suffering from and the treatments that you have received are recorded in your medical record. Much of this information is very sensitive, and is likely not something that you want shared without your permission. You are, of course, protected from being the victim of negligent or fraudulent care. Yet what about the negligent or fraudulent disclosure of your medical records?

Linking head trauma to the potential for developing dementia

If you happen to be involved in an accident in Bozeman in which you experience head trauma, you may count yourself lucky if all that comes out of it is a concussion or some other mild or moderate form of brain injury. Your opinion may be shared by many of those that we here at Cok Kinzler PLLP assist following such events. However you may also share in their surprise of hearing just how extensive the effects of such an injury may be.

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