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September 2016 Archives

What is cognition?

After you have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in Bozeman, you may hear your healthcare providers begin to throw around the term “cognitive loss.” This refers specifically to any deficits in cognition that you may now be suffering from. What is cognition? The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center defines it as your ability to understand information, choose appropriate actions (while understanding the consequences), and then remembering your decisions and actions as well as thoughts used to justify them later on. It is these cognitive deficits that you may cause you the greatest challenges as you attempt to resume your normal life.

Lawsuit blames Jim Carrey for late girlfriend’s death

Ask most people in Bozeman what they believe wrongful death to be, and one may likely get a wide range of answers that, despite being diverse, imply it to be death attributable to direct negligence. While that may be true in many cases, there may also be times when people allege that the actions of others may have indirectly lead to one’s premature demise, as well. In such a case, while a defendant may have not comprehended how his or her acts may have influenced the fate of another, one may be able to argue that a reasonable person should have.

Why are drugs recalled?

Like most in Bozeman, you take prescription or over-the-counter medications expecting some sort of medical benefit. One can only imagine the panic you must feel if you find out that one of the medications that you take has been recalled. Your first thought may be to assume to the worst, that being that you will inevitably experience major medical complications. Yet that is not always the case. So before you get too worried about how a recalled drug is going to affect you, it may help to first understand why medications are recalled.  

Understanding Montana’s speed limit laws

Those Bozeman residents who come to see us here at Cok Kinzler PLLP after having been injured in a car accident may be justifiably upset as to the causes of their collisions. If you are like most drivers, than you likely go the great lengths to ensure that you pose no threat to others on the road around you. Given this attitude, you too may be frustrated if another’s negligence behind the wheel caused you harm. Of the many forms of recklessness demonstrated by drivers, speeding may be the most common. Understanding Montana’s speed limit laws may prove beneficial when trying to determine liability following an accident.

Examining the causes of medication errors

Therapeutic medications allow countless people in Bozeman to enjoy relief from pain or sickness. Typically, the mechanism through which this relief is delivered involves suppressing certain physical and/or chemical reactions and responses in the body. While aimed at providing comfort from certain conditions or ailments, such interventions may, if applied incorrectly, cause damage. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that medication errors cause close 700,000 ED visits and 100,000 hospitalizations annually.

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