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August 2016 Archives

What is the difference between contusions and concussions?

Throw out the term “traumatic brain injury,” and most in Bozeman would likely envision one who has suffered catastrophic brain damage that has left him or her in a vegetative state. The truth is, however, that most TBIs are not that serious. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 75 percent of the TBI’s that occur annually in the U.S. are mild in nature. Many mild TBIs fall into one of two categories: contusions and concussions. Most use these two words interchangeably. Yet are they different?

Law enforcement listed as co-defendant in wrongful death lawsuit

Many of the wrongful death cases filed in Bozeman and throughout the rest of the U.S. typically involve some form of recklessness. Yet in certain cases, some may argue that the conditions that contributed to one’s death may have resulted from another doing something that, by legal standards, he or she had the right to do. This may prompt the question of when does common sense supersede the perceived duty that one may have to the law and/or to his or her community.

What should you do if you own food that has been recalled?

If you are like most in Bozeman, you may go to the grocery store expecting that the products that you are buying are safe for consumption. In most cases, they are. However, food recalls happen frequently enough in the U.S. to warrant your attention. The Food Safety and Inspection Service reports over 21.1 million pounds of food were recalled in America last year alone. To best avoid falling victim to potentially contaminated food, it may be important for you know what to do should you discover that a food product you own has been recalled.

Pokémon Go the cause of collision with parked police car

Anyone who has seen youth and adults alike walking around Bozeman while staring at their cell phones can attest to the fact that Pokémon Go has quickly become a global phenomenon. While the game has prompted millions to start being more active and become better acquainted with their local communities, problems have arisen with distracted players not being cognizant of their surroundings. Cases have even been reported of people being robbed by while playing the game. Yet even more troubling may be the potential of encountering distracted drivers tracking Pokémon while on the road.

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