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Understanding EMTALA

For many in Bozeman, the high cost of healthcare may drive them to avoid visiting the doctor altogether.  There are, however, many situations where immediate medical treatment cannot be avoided without facing a major risk of serious health complications or death. Experiencing an emergency still may not resolve the concern one may have about being able to afford his or her care, or worse yet, being refused service because of an inability to pay. Fortunately, the law offers uninsured patients some measure of protection in this scenario.

What is a mild brain injury?

The moment the term “brain injury” starts to be thrown around when describing accidents in Bozeman, you, like many others, may immediately fear the worst. While every brain should be taken seriously, a majority that occur are described as being mild. What is a mild brain injury? Knowing the answer to this question may give you a good idea as to what level your loved one who may have sustained it can expect to recover, and what sort of expenses he or she may be facing in the future.

Reviewing the legal limitations of exculpatory clauses

The unanticipated death of a loved one in Bozeman may leave a family despondent. That despair may only increase if those affected by it feel as though they have no legal recourse. You may have these same thoughts if your family member or friends died while participating in an activity for which he or she signed a liability waiver. We here at The Law Firm of Cok Kinzler PLLP can tell you that such contracts are often not valid.

Understanding the food recall process

Every year, billions of pounds of food is cultivated, packaged, and distributed to consumers in Bozeman and throughout the rest of the U.S. Despite food safety standards, a small portion almost always has issues dangerous enough to warrant being pulled from store shelves. The United States Department of Agriculture reports that in 2015, over 21.1 million pounds of food was reclaimed through 150 product recalls. Understanding the food product recall process may help consumers better comprehend the potential dangers they may face from contaminated foods on the market.

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