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What are dram shop laws?

If you happen to be involved in a car accident involving a drunk driver in Bozeman, some solace may come from seeing that driver face criminal penalties due to his or her reckless decision-making. However, that solace may mean little of your left dealing with inordinate accident expenses. Getting added compensation to cover these costs from the driver may be difficult, especially if he or she is also facing legal troubles. What the about the parties or that establishment that help the driver that hit you to become impaired?

The most commonly misdiagnosed acute medical conditions

When people go to seek medical treatment in Bozeman, they typically do so with the minimum expectation that the clinicians treating them will be able to determine what is wrong. Yet as many of those with whom we Cok Kunzler, P.L.L.P. work with can attest to, that’s not always the case. Having a doctor mistake your diagnosis (or worse yet, miss it altogether) may lead to a delay in treatment that could prove to be life threatening. Understanding which conditions are most commonly misdiagnosed may help you avoid having to suffer from a doctor’s diagnostic error.

Exposed TV cord leads to brain injury at daycare center

When people in Bozeman trust the care of their loved ones to organizations or companies that specialize in it, it is typically done with the expectation that those businesses have the proper licensing to deliver such care, as well as the resources to cover any injuries sustained by wards under their watch. If they do not, and a significant injury does occur, victims and their families may be left with little choice but to pursue compensation through legal action.

Can a minor sue for wrongful death?

To see a minor relative in Bozeman lose his or her parents can be heartbreaking. To know that their deaths may have been prevented may further that sadness. Even in the absence of the proper estate planning documents outlining his or her parents’ regarding his or her legal guardianship along with the dispersal of their assets, the state has laws in place that protect your minor loved one’s interest in that regard. Yet what about his or her ability to hold those allegedly responsible for his or her parents’ deaths accountable? Can a minor actually initiate a claim for wrongful death?

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