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Reviewing product recall standards

Turn on, log in, or pick up a publication from any media outlet, and finding a story regarding a product recall may not be too difficult. People often come to us here at Cok Kinzler PLLP questioning when a company must recall a product over safety concerns. If you or a loved one has come in contact with a potentially dangerous item in Bozeman, then you may automatically assume that it needs to be recalled. However, those companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell consumer goods actually have set guidelines in place outlining when a product must be pulled from the market. Knowing what those are may assist you in determining what sort of legal remedies may be available to you should you or a loved be injured by the item.

Detailing the danger in ignoring a whiplash injury

Most on Bozeman may tend to believe that the potential for major injuries only exists with car accidents that occur at high speeds and/or involve extensive damage. If one is involved in a simple “fender-bender,” he or she may think that the only thing to worry about is the minor vehicle damage that may have occurred. In many cases, however, that assumption is proven to be wrong. Whiplash is one of the more common injuries that can occur in a car accident, and those who suffer from it may discover it to be just as debilitating as seemingly more serious injuries.

Feeding tube error leaves baby with brain damage

Certain patient populations in Bozeman may be particularly susceptible to severe health complications stemming from medical errors. Included among these are newborns. While advances in clinical science have made the process of childbirth and antenatal care seem rather routine, the reality is that this is still a potentially dangerous period for babies. Any mistakes made during or in the hours or days after the birthing process can have catastrophic effects. Sadly, it is the parents and the babies themselves that are left to deal with the consequences.

What is a Glasgow Coma Score?

The period immediately after your loved suffers a brain injury in Bozeman is typically the most frightening for you and your family. As care is being rendered, you may hear the term “Glasgow Coma Score” or “GCS” being shared back-and-forth between the health care providers aiding your family member or friend. This refers to the measurement of your loved one’s responsiveness, and is used to help clinicians diagnose the severity of the injury. Understanding what it is may help you comprehend the extent of the danger that he or she is in. Keep in mind, however, that an initial GCS may not give an accurate initial depiction of how extensive the injury actually may be.

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