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December 2015 Archives

Know how many teenage traffic deaths in Montana can be prevented

Our team at Cok Kinzler PLLP knows that your children’s safety is one of your top priorities. When teenagers in Montana ask for the car keys, your protective alarm may start sounding loudly, and rightfully so. There are steps you can take to ensure your child is as safe as possible on the road.

Report: Montana has the worst drivers

This year, Car Insurance Comparison conducted a study seeking to determine which state has the worst drivers. Basing their findings on fatal car accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, researchers found that Montana ranks at the top of the list for having the most dangerous drivers.

Spotting the signs of nursing home abuse in Montana

According to the Montana government, there are more than 350 nursing home facilities across the state. The Long Term Care Ombudsmen Program is intended to protect the rights of people living in these facilities, especially when there is a complaint. Ombudsmen are trained to help families who suspect that a loved one has suffered physical, emotional or verbal abuse.

Know what makes a warning label insufficient

Any product that is sold in the United States should meet certain federal requirements. At Cok Kinzler PLLP, we know consumer safety laws and how they apply to items here in Montana. Providing people with the proper information regarding how the product can be used and alert them to any potential dangers is key to ensuring safety.

What are retained surgical items and how do they endanger lives?

If you have ever undergone a surgical procedure in Montana or anywhere else in the U.S., you know what it feels like to entrust your life to a team of medical professionals when entering the operating room. You may not, however, have expected to leave the OR with a surgical instrument or other foreign object left within your body. Surprisingly, incidents of retained surgical items occur more frequently than you might expect. Not only can these unexpected events cause serious damage to your body, but they can result in permanent disabilities and even death.

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