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Safety violations result in many construction fatalities

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable in a dangerous job like the construction industry. However, there are other times when the negligence of a construction company, property owner, manager or fellow worker contributes to a serious injury or death that could have been prevented. There are many ways to be injured on a construction site in Montana and elsewhere across the country, states EHS Today, but four types stand out as the most common ways to suffer a fatal workplace accident.

Medical malpractice and nursing negligence

When you think of serious medical mistakes and incidents of medical malpractice, you may assume that most cases revolve around physician errors and/or surgical complications. Medical patients and potential malpractice claimants should keep in mind, however, that nurses often play a role in injury incidents. In fact, nursing negligence is such a prevalent issue that we here at Cok Kinzler, P.L.L.P., always strive to identify all appropriate liable parties and advocate on behalf of medical injury claimants.

How could my finances be affected by a brain injury?

Concussions and other types of mild traumatic brain injuries are often underestimated in terms of their severity and long-term effects. The truth of the matter is that even mild TBIs can have a profound impact on the everyday lives of victims and their families. After an injury accident occurs, victims are often caught off guard by immediate and excessive financial losses. Familiarizing yourself with the kinds of expenses you may be confronted by as an accident victim can be incredibly important, especially when it comes to considering personal injury damages in your case.

Major product liability factors and components

Every year, people across the state of Montana and beyond are subjected to dangerous product designs and malfunctions. Defective products can result in serious and even fatal injuries, and cost accident victims and their families millions of dollars in financial losses. Understanding when and how dangerous products are regarded under the law is a major component of effectively pursuing product liability claims.

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