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February 2015 Archives

Changes in the incidence of motorcycle crashes

As some Montana motorcyclists may know, demographics have changed since 2003 in terms of the age of riders and the number of fatal and nonfatal injuries. In 2012, 8.5 million motorcycles were on the road around the country. Risks include the lack of visibility a motorcycle has in comparison to passenger vehicles, alcohol use and speed.

Shoulder fractures resulting from car accidents

Montana residents who suffer broken shoulder bones in car accidents often have trouble performing basic tasks while they recover from their injuries. Shoulder fractures may keep accident victims from returning to work, particularly if their occupation requires a great deal of physical activity.

Measles complications may pose serious risks

As Montana residents may know, an increase in the number of measles cases has caused a flurry of discussion about vaccinations. Some physicians have expressed concern that misdiagnosis in the initial stages of the disease is possible. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, physicians should familiarize themselves with the symptoms of measles and keep a close eye on any patients exhibiting symptoms that might be potential cases. Many younger physicians have never seen the disease.

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