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The 3 main causes of distracted driving

Whenever someone performs another task while driving, whether it be eating, drinking, talking on a cell phone or inputting GPS directions, that person is driving while distracted. With approximately nine fatalities and more than 1,150 injuries a day, most of which are the result of cell phone use while driving, it is vital that residents of Montana be aware of the three main types of distracted driving.

Motorcycle safety and V2V communications advances

Montana motorcyclists may enjoy their ability to see beautiful country as they ride, but there is an awareness of their vulnerability as they share the roads with other motorists. A violation of a motorcyclist's right-of-way is one of the most common challenges, responsible for as many as two-thirds of motorcycle accidents on a national scale. One of the most common reasons for such a violation is a lack of visibility. It would be nice if vehicles could communicate their positions even when motorists are unable to see. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology is expected to make this possibility a reality in coming years.

Car accidents may lead to post-traumatic stress

Montana residents may know that traumatic events may cause varying degrees of anxiety. Some individuals may experience continuing anxiety long after the event is over that interferes with their daily life. This is referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder. There are steps that may be taken to reduce the severity of the symptoms including medical and psychological assistance.

Synthetic caffeine supplement elicits concern from FDA

Some Montana residents may have heard about supplements that contains powdered caffeine, which a form of the drug some 80 percent of Americans reportedly consume each day with their coffee. Except that powdered caffeine does not occur naturally and is much more potent and volatile than coffee's caffeine, allegedly. Thus, the supplement's potential for abuse has provoked alarm among federal regulators, authorities reported on Dec. 29

Drilling rig accident kills 2, injures 3

Residents of Montana may have heard of an accident in Oklahoma that resulted in two fatalities and caused injuries to three people. The incident occurred early in the morning hours of Dec. 26 in a remote area about 100 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. According to reports, there was an explosion and a fire, but authorities do not yet know which one came first and what the actual cause of the accident was.

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