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September 2014 Archives

Medical malpractice in Montana

Montana residents may benefit from learning more about how state laws govern civil action pertaining to medical malpractice liability. Under Section 16, 'The administration of justice", of the Montana Constitution, victims injured by medical malpractice may be entitled to full legal redress, without sale, denial or delay. In order to amend medical malpractice legislation, the actions must be approved by the Equal Protection Clauses of the U.S. and Montana constitutions.

Texting and driving: a deadly combination

Montana residents are likely to have seen at least one driver use a cellphone irresponsibly. While texting may seem benign, statistics have proven that driving while distracted is very often injurious and even deadly. Forty percent of teenagers in America said that they had been in a vehicle when a driver placed others in danger by using a cellphone, according to one study. Moreover, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that in 2010, distracted driving, which includes texting, caused 18 percent of all fatal crashes and crashes that caused injury.

Wrong-site surgery may lead to malpractice lawsuits

The term "wrong-site surgery" is often used to describe surgical procedures that happen on the wrong part of the body, though it is also used when the wrong procedure is done or when a procedure is done on the wrong person. This can be a cause for medical malpractice lawsuits in Montana and nationwide. The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority has provided data indicating a lack of decline in wrong-site surgeries as well as some of the potential reasons why it continues to be a problem in hospitals around the country.

Johnson & Johnson face suit for pinnacle hip replacements

Montana residents may have heard that Johnson and Johnson is making news because the company's DePuy pinnacle hip devices are reportedly defective. Versions of the artificial hip units that use metal on metal allegedly result in metal debris that can get into a patient's bloodstream and cause infection. Jury selection for the trial in Dallas began on September 2.

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