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Disease misdiagnoses cause disability, death

Montana residents might take an interest in an article that describes the 12 most commonly misdiagnosed conditions. An MD, who is also the American College of Physicians' Board of Governors internist and chair, insisted that good doctors do not feel threatened when patients seek a second opinion.

Montana reports fatal crash numbers for year to date

According to the Montana Highway Patrol, the Bozeman district was reported have the second-highest motor vehicle fatality rate in the state so far for the year 2014. As of July 14, statistics revealed that 14 lives have been lost on roads within the district, which nearly doubles 2013's total count of eight fatalities.

Holes in Lyme disease treatment exposed

Montana residents may be interested in the recent case of a Boston man's prolonged battle with Lyme disease. Surprisingly, the biggest problem was not the disease itself but rather the difficult of diagnosing the disease. A variety of problems caused what would have been a relatively simple treatment to become a 10-month ordeal that left the man in terrible pain and with additional health problems caused by incorrect treatments.

GM initiates another recall

Montana residents may be affected by a substantial recall announced by General Motors on June 30. An analyst with Kelley Blue Book says the series of recalls announced by GM has not had any significant impact on the automaker's sales as of yet. In this latest recall, 7.6 million vehicles are affected, many due to the issues stemming from the faulty ignition switch that initiated earlier recalls.

Malpractice lawsuits a tool for improvement

Residents of Montana may be interested in a recent article that suggests that medical malpractice lawsuits might be used as a tool to make the health care system more effective. According to data gathered by the National Institute of Medicine, approximately 300,000 people suffer injury and 98,000 people die due to avoidable errors in hospitals across the U.S.

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