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GM documents reveal recall avoidance for defective product

Recognizing the potentially devastating impact of issuing a recall for products, a look into GM’s document history demonstrates that the company took multiple measures to circumvent the recall process. In cases with a defective product, the safest thing for manufacturers to do is to issue a recall as soon as claims begin reporting problems, injuries, or death. Unfortunately, these manufacturers do not always put the safety of consumers first. The GM recall is the latest in a string of news stories about defective auto parts and failure to recall that have put drivers in Montana and beyond in peril.

Montana man who fell off roof did not have fall protection

Many Montana employers value their employees and provide them with the proper training, protection measures and a safe working environment. However, there are employers who can overlook serious safety hazards and can be negligent by failing to comply with state and federal safety guidelines. These oversights are the reason that too many workplace accidents occur, including those that can result in serious injuries or even death.

Dangerous crossroads in Bozeman ordered to be studied by county

County officials have realized that real dangers exist at an intersection in Bozeman, Montana. In the past few years, many serious accidents have occurred at this location. Most recently, a car transporting two people collided with a dump truck, leaving the two people in recovery at a local hospital. In July 2012, a woman from out of state neglected to stop at a stop sign and hit an oncoming vehicle, resulting in her own death.

Medical malpractice cited in death of infant

A jury recently ruled in favor of the parents of an infant girl who died due to a misread X-ray in 2009. The jury concluded that a radiology company and an employee's medical malpractice contributed to her death. The parents were recently awarded $1.25 million as a result of the devastating error.

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