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January 2014 Archives

Woman files lawsuit for wrongful death from product liability

The death of an unborn child can be a painful and difficult experience for loved ones. A Montana patron who suffers an injury due to product liability may be angry and feel confused about his or her rights regarding the accident. An injured woman recently made the decision to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against a large national retailer for product liability in a situation that possibly took the life of her unborn baby.

Montana man involved in fatal accident

Drinking and driving can result in fatal accidents that can cause physical and emotional damage. The inappropriate decision to get behind the wheel after drinking has the potential to destroy many lives and can result in irreversible consequences. A family who has lost a relative in a fatal accident may feel anger in the midst of their grief as they decide how they will move forward.

Crude oil product liability in Montana rail transport

In the last half of the year, three train explosions have taken place that could potentially be due to product liability of crude oil contained and mislabeled in tanker cars. Reports indicate that many people in Montana and across the nation have shown concern for the reliability and safe transport of oil via train. An oil and gas worker or train employee who experiences an injury from an accident during crude oil transport could seek compensation for pain and suffering caused by potential product liability.

Montana trauma centers treat accident-related injuries

All Montana hospitals are equipped to provide trauma care to crash victims with accident-related injuries. However specific trauma facilities exist to offer a higher level of treatment to victims in severe situations as necessary. The financial burdens that often accompany extensive treatment at a trauma facility can be staggering for a person who has accident-related injuries inflicted by another driver.

Infant carrier discovered to be a defective product

When parents choose an infant carrier product to hold or support their child, they trust that the safety mechanisms are sound, and that it will perform as advertised. The Playtex Hip Hammock was discovered to be a defective product and was recalled by the manufacturer when clips and straps began to fail. A Montana parent who has experienced an infant injury due to this or a similar defective product may choose to seek legal action against the manufacturer.

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