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December 2013 Archives

Path of accident-related injuries left by vehicle

Sharing the road with intoxicated drivers can be dangerous and result in accident-related injuries. A person who has experienced property damage or physical harm from the poor choices of another driver may feel frustrated and desire justice. Recently, a pickup truck purportedly operated by an intoxicated man left a path of accident-related injuries as he collided with a number of other vehicles and plowed into a Montana home.

Product liability of Bakken oil in Montana

The Bakken oil formation extends into Montana, and its shale is a regular source of crude oil. Most often, this crude oil is harvested and transported via train and pumped through the popular Line 9 pipe, which extends through Montana as well as a few other states and into international territory. The product liability of Montana Bakken oil could be extreme due to its toxic properties and flammability risks. A person who is injured by the inappropriate storage or transport of the crude oil may seek restitution for product liability.

Life lost in a recent Montana 4-car accident

With the increase in winter weather, Montana roads can become more hazardous and require greater care when traveling. When a motorist becomes victim to the negligent driving of another party, they may seek legal action for any financial damages they incurred. The life lost in a recent four car accident was that of a young woman who lost control of her vehicle and may be responsible for the cascade of damage left in her wake.

Ford Escape contains a defective product in its engine

Ford is a popular brand of vehicle in Montana due to is versatility in model and being easily attainable by consumers. The company has recently issued another two recalls because the 2013 Ford Escape contains a defective product in its engine. A customer who has purchased and suffered injury from an automotive defective product may choose to pursue compensation for damages to their property and themselves.

Wrongful death lawsuit against the Department of Transportation

A sudden accident that takes the life of someone who is deeply loved can leave family members with deep grief and a desire for closure. The surviving family may seek legal action to hold certain people or entities responsible for negligently contributing to the wrongful death of their loved one. A recent wrongful death lawsuit against the Department of Transportation in Montana seeks to hold it responsible for the loss of a young man's life.

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