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Defective product lawsuit against General Motors Corporation

A Montana driver who experiences a car accident from a defective product installed in their vehicle could face potentially life-threatening injuries. A victim may seek guidance in pursuing compensation for damages and the threat to their life. One recent defective product lawsuit against General Motors Corporation was instigated by a man who experienced dangerous situations due to possible malfunctions with his vehicle.

The man claims that the dangerous sedan he purchased was the cause of two different car accidents. The first car accident occurred when the purportedly defective product, the power steering of the car, locked up and caused the vehicle to veer off the interstate. There were no other cars involved, though the crash did result in damage to the bumper. Following the incident, the man took the car to the dealership of purchase where supposedly appropriate repairs were made.

The dealership claims to have fixed the defective product, though shortly after the power steering once again purportedly jammed while in motion, resulting in a collision with another car. A Montana driver may question the validity of a repair if another accident occurs from the same defect as before. The lawsuit names the vehicle manufacturer with product liability through dangerous construction and design, failing to provide proper warnings and conform to an express warning among other claims.

Records show that the man is asking for restitution for medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional and mental distress and property damages. Reports have not outlined the monetary amount of compensation the victim is pursuing. A defective product lawsuit like this one against General Motors Corporation has the potential to highlight problems that others may have experienced with their cars. A victim may seek help understanding where to start the legal process if they, too, were injured by a product that has malfunctioned.

Source: louisianarecord.com, Frozen power steering allegedly leads to two accidents, product liability lawsuit, Kyle Barnett, Nov. 9, 2013

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