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October 2013 Archives

Man charged for a fatal accident that killed two

Driving under the influence of alcohol can have lasting consequences that can destroy the lives of those involved and their loved ones. A fatal accident can be the end result for those who choose to get behind the wheel after drinking, leaving them with unavoidable responsibility. A Montana man who was recently charged for a fatal accident that killed two could possibly face legal action from both the state and the loved ones of the victims.

Oil rig defects cause a derrick to partially collapse

The oil and gas industry has a number of wells and drill sites in Montana. With increased risk for environmental damage and injury to those who work on the rig, the operation of oil extraction begs for heightened safety precautions. When oil rig defects exist in the structure of the well, nearby residents, as well as employees, can experience catastrophic injuries or damage to their health. Recently, oil rig defects caused a derrick to partially collapse in an area surrounded by people, potentially causing great risk to their well-being.

Fatal accident took the life of a passenger and injures others

In the event of a fatal accident on a Montana highway, first responders begin to assist the victims and help remove them from the wreckage. When the crash involves a group of people who have suffered due to the potentially poor choices of a friend, it can be confusing to know what a person's rights are and where to begin. When a fatal accident took the life of a passenger and injures others in the same vehicle, a great deal of uncertainty may accompany the grief and loss felt by loved ones.

Defective product lawsuit over a hernia mesh patch

Montana patients that make the decision to move forward with a hernia surgery place their trust in a chosen medical provider and also the mesh product for quality, durability and a successful procedure. The healing process of an implanted medical product can be devastatingly changed when a person suffers from its failure only a short time later, prompting them to possibly seek legal action for the painful malfunction. A recent defective product lawsuit over a hernia mesh patch implant continues to move through the legal process as the victim seeks recompense.

Montana man suffered a fatal brain injury from a bicycle crash

Wet conditions on roadways at night can require drivers to practice increased alertness and caution. The same precautionary concern may be taken by those who ride their bicycles in the same inclement weather. A local Montana man suffered a fatal brain injury from a bicycle crash involving a car on a rainy night recently.

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