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Man's death spurs product liability debate over Taser use

In Montana and throughout the country, the use of Taser devices by law enforcement has increased based on the assumption that Tasers ultimately protect police officers, the public and the person being stunned. But there are also cases in which a Taser seems to have been the cause of death, though Taser companies and police departments certainly do what they can to discourage that perception.

Overcorrection leads to fatal car accident in Montana

A relatively common cause of car accidents is a driver's attempt to overcorrect after letting the vehicle drift off the shoulder of the road. This kind of mistake may be especially dangerous in Montana, where long stretches of road can lull drivers into a state of inattention.

Montana parents say drug company responsible for birth defects

Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other parties subject to medical malpractice and product liability claims often have extensive legal resources to fight the allegations. Meanwhile, the people who suffer as a result of doctor errors and defective products have to rely on their own resources to get through a trying time. The hope for the plaintiff is that the responsible parties are held accountable and that enough compensation is awarded to cover the damages caused by the defendants' negligence.

Cause of fatal oil field accident remains uncertain

Oil workers in Montana know that their jobs can carry a risk of serious injury. But that doesn't mean that many accidents aren't preventable. When Bozeman-area residents suffer an injury through no fault of their own, the injured parties or their families should be aware of their rights to pursue compensation.

Deadly infection from contaminated IV bags, nurse's theft the cause

A nurse who stole narcotics from the hospital where she worked is being blamed for the contamination of IV bags. Six patients underwent intensive medical care and one died after contracting a rare bacterial infection from their IV bags, which were contaminated during the theft of drugs. The nurse has pled guilty to the theft charges.

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