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Simple mistakes and human errors cause most accidents

Human error plays a role in most car accidents, which means many of these events are preventable. Simple mistakes and short moments of distraction can lead to crashes with serious or fatal consequences for innocent people. Understanding why many accidents happen can help you avoid crashes or determine exactly what caused the crash that left you injured. 

Drivers are responsible for the choices they make while behind the wheel. If another driver made a decision or acted negligently, leading to an accident that caused you pain and suffering, that person is liable for what happened to you. There are legal options available that provide you an opportunity to pursue compensation for your losses and other types of damages. The first step in this process is identifying why your accident occurred and what factors played a role in the crash.

New research focuses on stabilizing enzyme for spinal repair

Anyone who has a spinal injury should be interested in medical advances that may help them in the future. At the end of August, the University of Oregon released an article about an enzyme that has been proven to help regrow nerve tissues that were damaged. The enzyme has worked well in animals, but it wasn't stable enough for human use.

The research focused on stabilizing the enzyme for human use. Once stable, the enzyme works with many other substances in the body, like bacteria, chrondroitinase ABC and others, which could potentially help reverse nerve damage.

New concussion study shows the danger of traumatic brain injuries

When you imagine the impact of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you may think of having to relearn to speak or to balance. You may think of someone struggling with memory or having to get in-home health care.

Something that you might not think of is the increased risk of neurological diseases. Research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine has revealed that TBIs can be extremely harmful, even if they first appeared mild. The research suggests that some patients are at a higher risk of declining brain function in their later life, even though their injuries may have been less serious at a younger age.

Taking legal action after being hurt by a defective product

When you buy a product from a local store, you expect it to be safe to use. You expect that the seller will know where they're getting products, that the manufacturer will be creating safe items and that the wholesaler won't allow dangerous items to be sold.

In Montana, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can be held accountable if a product is defective and results in injuries. For example, if you purchase a laptop that explodes when it overheats, that product was clearly dangerous and did not work as intended. If you were injured because of the explosion or fire it caused, then you could pursue a claim against the seller.

Paired associative stimulation study shows promise for paraplegia

When there are changes that can help people with spinal cord injuries recover, it's always great news. A recent piece of research out of the University of Helsinki showed that simulating the motor nerves of the brain and limbs, also called paired associative stimulation, has promising results.

In the study, a person with paraplegia and only partial function in his left leg underwent two, three-month treatments using paired associative stimulation. With each treatment, he improved noticeably. After the first, he could stand for 1.5 minutes and take 13 steps using the parallel bars found in rehabilitation clinics. After the second round of treatment, he could walk 2.4 times faster and had more strength in the leg.

Car crash injuries may necessitate plastic surgery

Fortunately, the introduction of airbags helped reduce some types of severe and fatal injuries in car crashes -- like certain head and neck injuries, for example. However, the impact of a deployed airbag can cause facial injuries, including a broken nose and other broken bones in the face.

Car crashes often result in facial injuries. Sometimes, they only amount to bruising. However, broken glass from windshields or windows can cause serious lacerations. So can objects in the car that may go flying with the impact of the crash.

Avoid distracting behavior behind the wheel

One of the most significant safety threats on Montana roads is distracted driving. When a driver is not paying attention to what he or she is doing, it can significantly increase the chance of an accident happening. It is the duty of each driver to make sure he or she is paying adequate attention to what is going on at all times while behind the wheel.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately nine people die in distraction-related accidents every day. Thousands suffer injuries each week in collisions caused by inattentive driving, and these are all preventable accidents. It may be helpful to learn about the types of distracted driving, why they are dangerous and how you can stay as safe as reasonably possible while on the road.

How does Montana address teen drivers and distractions?

Distracted driving is one of the major concerns among drivers in Montana. When a distracted driver is on the road, they could make simple errors that end up causing serious collisions.

Distracted driving is dangerous because it means that your eyes are off the road, your hands may be off the wheel and your mind may not be thinking about what's going on around you. Teen drivers are particularly at risk of participating in distractive behaviors.

Suffered a spinal cord injury? Early treatment matters

When you were in a crash, the first thing you noticed was that you had significant weakness in your lower body. You were terrified that you would end up paralyzed, so you stayed very still and waited for the emergency team to arrive.

After imaging tests and an physical exam, it turns out that you were right to be concerned. You had suffered a dislocation of your vertebrae, and it was pressing down on the spinal cord. Within a short time, you were on your way to surgery.

A diffuse axonal injury can lead to coma and lifelong challenges

Of the types of brain injuries that exist today, one of the most damaging is one caused by torsion. When the brain spins within the skull, there can be a great deal of ripping and tearing. This may lead to bleeding on the brain as well as direct damage to the brain.

A rotational injury may also be called a diffuse axonal injury (DIA). These happen when the skull is stopped violently or rotated suddenly, which results in the brain continuing on and twisting or tearing. When this happens, large areas of the brain may be impacted, leading to significant brain damage and hemorrhaging.

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