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The path to recovery from a traumatic brain injury

Unfortunately, some serious injuries can lead to long-term or permanent effects that do not allow a person to fully recover.

In particular, if you suffer a traumatic brain injury, you will likely have a hard time during recovery -- especially if your injury proves particularly severe. If this is the case for you, you have options to lessen your condition's financial toll.

Brain injury prevention month should be an all-year event

Although National Brain Injury Prevention Month only comes around again in March, awareness should be a year round campaign. Too many people suffer the consequences of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which is a primary cause of death and disability nationwide.

Brain injuries are not only traumatic for the victim but also for their loved ones. Regardless of whether the brain injury is mild or severe, it can have long-term consequences. If you suffer from such an injury, initial symptoms might include irritability, headaches, problems focusing and concentrating. You might be tempted to decline a medical examination immediately after an accident if you do not feel badly injured, but early diagnosis of brain trauma allows for proper treatment.

Common household injuries can be deadly for kids

You've nurtured your child to trust by keeping him or her out of harm's way. But when you leave your child with a new daycare, babysitter or friend's house, you may worry whether your adventurous little one is being looked after closely.

These common household injuries can happen in an instant to children if an adult isn't watching - and when they happen to children, they're twice as dangerous.

Toxic e-cigarette flavoring causes cell inflammation

In recent years, evidence has suggested that smoking e-cigarettes long-term has harmful effects on the body.

A recent study supports these findings with evidence that popular liquid flavoring for e-cigarettes becomes toxic when heated and inhaled - especially in certain flavors.

4 Dangerous play structures for kids

When toy makers are most concerned with marketing "fun" and cutting costs of building materials, safety measures can easily be forgotten. Play structures for kids are no exception.

Instead of creating a great birthday bash for kids, these four types of recreational structures have had a history of becoming dangerous or even deadly.

5 FAQ's concerning the dangers of drones

Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs), are regulated under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which requires certain certifications, permits and waivers for drones to fly over crowds, up to certain altitudes, at night, out of an operator's line of sight and more.

These parameters are meant to help operators avoid drone collisions and crashes. But, for inexperienced hobbyists, accidents can happen easily - especially for those who do not comply with FAA regulations.

Brain injuries in the bathroom

One of the most common places that you could obtain a traumatic brain injury is a location you visit daily. Bathroom slips are not as often discussed as driving accidents and sports injuries because they are less expected. You receive constant warnings to put on your seat belt in a car or wear a helmet during baseball, but you rarely hear about safety precautions to put near your toilet and sink.

You should treat moving in your bathroom like you are walking on the side of a pool. One slip on a wet floor could cause you or a love one to slam your head on a porcelain toilet in a locked room. This can happen to anyone regardless of how old they are. Here are some tips to safeguard your bathroom:

Don't fall victim to common accidents this summer

The days are long and the nights are warm again. It's summertime in Montana and everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy our beautiful, massive landscape. Accidents happen, though. Keep that in mind in the coming months when you're out at the grill, going off-road on the ATV or heading out for a weekend.

Activities we do every summer can result in injuries and worse. Remember to have an action plan ready if you suffer an accident. It could save your life, or the life of someone you care about.

Air ambulance costs are an expensive part of serious injuries

The scenery is pristine as you and your outfit rumble up the mountains. The engine of your ATVs is the only sound that interrupts the peace of the moment. Led by your guide, your group embarks up a steep path knowing that the trail will be rough, but the view on the other side will be magnificent. As you make your way up the face of the mountain, you come across a particularly rough patch. You're not sure if you should keep going with your ATVs or hike the rest of the way. Suddenly, your partner gives their ATV a little too much gas and they roll.

You and your guide rush over to them, and you quickly realize that their injuries are serious. The only way out from this far away from civilization is to call an air ambulance. Tense minutes pass until you hear rotors in the distance. Your partner leaves packed away to be delivered to the hospital, and in return arrives an air ambulance bill for tens of thousands of dollars.

Don't underestimate the toll a crash can take on your life

Imagine you are driving home from work. You are tired, hungry and ready to relax for a few minutes before making dinner for your kids. Suddenly, everything goes dark. After a few moments, you realize your car is stopped and you have been hit by another vehicle.

In the span of a few seconds, your world can be turned upside down if you are seriously injured in an accident. In fact, a crash can affect every part of your life.

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