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Product testing is critical to protecting consumers

When creators of new products in Montana are preparing to release a new prototype to their consumers, there are many ways they could go about testing their product. In the most effective scenario, businesses will take adequate time and resources to identify potential problems and address them before releasing them to the public. Additionally, they will run multiple tests to guarantee that the product they are offering is safe, reliable and functional. 

According to, businesses can experience several notable and advantageous benefits from their decision to trialing a product before giving the entire public access to it. These benefits include the following:

  • The opportunity to collaborate with and negotiate with early adopters who can provide their feedback and reviews of the product for legitimate data regarding a product's effectiveness. 
  • The opportunity to identify errors that could cause injury or inconvenience to consumers or reputational damage to the company, its mission and its success. 
  • The opportunity to recognize defects that if addressed early enough, can provide direction for more effective ways of manufacturing the product. 
  • The opportunity to see how the product functions in relation to the market and the industry where it is being sold. 

Amidst opioid crisis, Johnson & Johnson seek solution

Despite the best efforts of companies to prevent their products from causing injury or inconvenience to their consumers, there are times when products malfunction or do not perform the way they were intended and put users at risk of injury or death. Preventing these types of errors from happening to people in Montana and elsewhere requires companies to implement procedures for product testing that are designed to catch potential errors and hazards before they threaten end-users. 

In a crisis with growing concern across the country, people are sharing their distaste with opioids, the effect they have on the people that use them and the ignorance of big companies that promote the use of products that contain opioids. In just one of many developments, Johnson & Johnson sought to reach a solution to resolve a couple of different counties' claims in Ohio stemming from people being injured from the use of opioids that were marketed by the company.

Traumatic brain injuries in children

Car accidents and falls may lead to traumatic brain injury diagnoses for many Montana residents of all ages. Children may experience more severe TBI symptoms that have long-term health consequences. In some cases, pediatric TBI may be harder to diagnose and treat. This sort of injury may have long-term effects on a child's neurological development and overall health.

According to an article from the National Institutes of Health, TBI is the most frequent cause of disability and death in children. While the causes of TBI in children and adults are often similar, there are differences in the appearance of the injury and the length of recovery. For example, infants and young children may be more susceptible to hemorrhagic shock than adults, even when there is no external bleeding. Certain medical tools, including MRI, have helped improve the diagnosis of pediatric TBI and made it easier for medical personnel to develop effective treatment and prevention plans.

The difference between civil and criminal

There is a distinct difference between civil and criminal cases in Montana courts. Understanding how these two procedures are related and separate could help anyone involved or interested in the criminal justice process.

There are different steps, different people involved, and usually a different degree of evidence necessary in civil and criminal cases. Please continue to read for a brief discussion of these and an example based on a local event.

Beware of the hazards posed by propane gas in your home

Do you use propane gas to provide heat and hot water in your home, cook and generate electricity? Many homeowners in Bozeman and other cities in Montana find propane gas to be affordable and efficient, but did you know that it could also be deadly? It is crucial not to lose sight of the fact that gas lines or tanks can leak and the consequences can cost you your life or your home.

A knowledge of potential hazards and precautions to mitigate them is essential. You might also want to keep in mind that, in many cases of property damage and personal injury or wrongful death caused by propane leaks, the propane or utility companies are responsible.

How motorcyclists can avoid accidents

Do you love the feeling of riding your motorcycle on the wide Montana highways, seeing the gorgeous mountain views and feeling the air on your face? Unfortunately, the freedom of operating a bike comes with the downside of the potential for a serious crash. We here at Cok Kinzler understand that as a motorcyclist, you want to do everything in your power to keep yourself safe on the roadways. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), despite the fact that in 2017 the number of motorcycle fatalities decreased by 3%, motorcyclists are involved in traffic fatalities in a disproportionate percentage. In fact, there is a 28% greater likelihood of motorcyclists dying in a car crash compared to passenger car occupants. It is vital that motorcyclists do all they can in their power to avoid being a statistic. 

The true cost of spine injuries

Major spine injuries often lead to vastly different lifestyles for accident victims. To understand how the Montana courts handle these issues, it is important to understand exactly how somebody's life could change after a violent collision.

One of the most essential points is that every accident is different. Average settlement figures, even for comparable injuries, may not accurately predict the resources necessary to facilitate an injured person's recovery. 

One killed, seven injured in Deer Lodge demolition derby

Most in Bozeman might assume that the potential for dangerous encounters with automobiles is limited to the area's roads and highways. In actuality, however, any activity involving a vehicle can be risky. While a car accident is typically defined to be a collision involving a moving vehicle on the road, any accident that involves the use of a car, truck or SUV is deemed (at least for the purpose of insurance coverage) a car accident. This can include encounters between vehicles and pedestrians or spectators at an automotive event. And just as is the case with traditional car accidents, negligence or recklessness can come into play in such events. 

Such may prove to be the case in an accident that recently occurred in Deer Lodge, as it is believed that the loss of life stemming from a demolition derby could have been prevented. Witness accounts say that the driver of one of the vehicles participating in the derby lost control after being struck by another and drove into the bleachers. Several people were either struck by or trapped under the vehicle. In all, seven people required treatment for various injuries, and a Powell County woman was killed. Investigators are still trying to determine what exactly caused the driver to lose control. 

Reducing your risks of experiencing a spinal injury

While injuries are an inevitable part of life, certain types of injuries to specific parts of your body can be significantly more traumatic and life-changing. At Cok Kinzler PLLP, we are experienced in helping victims of serious injuries in Montana to work toward getting compensated, especially in cases where their injury was the result of someone else's negligent behavior. 

Any type of spinal injury can put you at risk of experiencing a diminished quality of life. The least severe spinal injuries can leave you dealing with chronic back pain or the inability to participate in certain activities without a heightened risk of injury. In the most severe cases, your spinal injury could cause paralysis and life-changing consequences that require mental strength to overcome and learn to manage. 

Is your child at risk from recalled products?

How do you learn about a product recall? Do you hear it on the evening news, read about it in the paper or see it on social media? If you are a parent, you may have friends who are also parents, and you keep each other informed of important reports about dangerous products. No matter how you learn about a product recall, you likely take action, especially if your child's health or safety is at risk.

Recently, you may have heard that Fisher-Price, a leading manufacturer of items for babies and children, recalled one of its products following a series of tragic events. Even though most retailers complied with the recall by clearing the items from their shelves, your child may still be in danger.

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