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Know the signs of drunk driving to help you stay safer

The winter holiday season is here, and this time of year is associated with an uptick in drunk driving. This means that there's an increased chance that any motorist could be struck by a drunk driver. These crashes can lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

While there's no way that you can completely avoid an accident with an intoxicated driver, knowing the signs of drunk driving might help you to avoid drivers who are impaired. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Swerving from one lane to another
  • Hitting the rumble strips on the side of the road
  • Stopping in the middle of the road for no reason
  • Driving too fast or slow for the current conditions
  • Failing to use a turn signal or making an illegal turn
  • Driving without headlights when they're necessary

How do you know if you have a herniated disc?

When you are involved in a car crash, you could suffer a blow to the spine. This could be a shattering force that destroys discs in your back or leaves the vertebrae crushed or dislocated.

Unfortunately, if the spinal cord is involved, then you could have serious symptoms such as paralysis or organ dysfunction. Those symptoms could be life-threatening in some instances.

What could be some health impacts caused by brain injuries?

Nobody is ever prepared for a sudden brain injury, nor to lose as much functionality as they do after one happens. Their families may be strained trying to cope, and everyone involved in the situation may worry about what's going to come next.

The good news is that adults with brain injuries can discuss their case with their doctors and other professionals, so that they can prepare for the treatments they need as well as any ongoing care that would help them.

Unsecured items can cause significant injuries

For most people, thinking about vehicle safety means doing things like making sure the brake system is functioning and that the occupants of the vehicle are buckled up. They may also think about driving safely. What many of these individuals don't think about is how something they do without much thought can cause significant injuries.

People place unsecured items in a vehicle and don't really consider what happens to those items if there's a crash. The moment of the vehicle and the impact of the wreck can cause unsecured things, such as purses or bags of groceries, to go flying within the cabin of the vehicle. This can lead to an occupant being struck.

If a product is dangerous, you may have a legal case

When a product is made with defects or is potentially hazardous without the appropriate warnings, a manufacturer or seller could face product liability lawsuits. As there have been many lawsuits like this in the history of the United States, you may have a case if you're hurt because a product that was not working as intended.

There are three kinds of product defects — design, manufacturing and marketing. Design defects lead to a product being unsafe because of problems with the design from the very beginning.

Shattered bones: Complications could be life-changing

Shattered bones can happen if your body is impacted hard enough. A shattered bone is one that has split off into multiple parts. It may require surgery to piece it back together. In a worst-case scenario, there is a possibility that a limb with a shattered bone could need to be amputated.

A shattered bone causes a few problems. The first is that it may not heal correctly due to the number of breaks. The second is that a simple cast may not be enough to hold it in position. The third issue is that any broken skin from the injury could invite infection.

What are some common spinal cord injury treatments?

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most difficult to live with. They significantly impact your health and wellbeing, and they may change the way you live your life.

Spinal injuries range significantly from patient to patient. As someone with one, though, you should know that there are some nonsurgical and surgical options that may be open to you. The right treatment protocol could help you get through this injury and on the path to better health sooner.

Can you get a brain injury from whiplash?

When you think about whiplash, you don't usually think about a brain injury. However, did you know that an impact that is hard enough could result in a severe brain injury without ever hitting your head?

There are cases where victims of crashes have developed brain injuries without any apparent external injury. A traumatic head injury can happen with or without a direct impact, which is something many people don't understand.

Can you minimize injuries when a crash is imminent?

You know that it's dangerous to get into a car crash, but did you know that there are steps you can take to minimize the risks if you're hit? There are ways to stay safe in the event that you are hit in the future, too.

For example, have you ever looked around your vehicle and realized that there are many heavy or sharp objects? Things like sharpened pencils, groceries, scissors or other materials could become projectiles during a crash, leading to severe injuries. Secure any objects inside your vehicle, so that they don't hit you during a crash. If you can, secure them in a trunk instead of in the back or front seat.

Simple mistakes and human errors cause most accidents

Human error plays a role in most car accidents, which means many of these events are preventable. Simple mistakes and short moments of distraction can lead to crashes with serious or fatal consequences for innocent people. Understanding why many accidents happen can help you avoid crashes or determine exactly what caused the crash that left you injured. 

Drivers are responsible for the choices they make while behind the wheel. If another driver made a decision or acted negligently, leading to an accident that caused you pain and suffering, that person is liable for what happened to you. There are legal options available that provide you an opportunity to pursue compensation for your losses and other types of damages. The first step in this process is identifying why your accident occurred and what factors played a role in the crash.

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