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How does the level of a spinal injury affect you?

When you look at the anatomy of the spine, you'll see that there are four sections: thoracic, lumbar, cervical and sacral. Each of these is designed to protect certain parts of the spinal cord.

When you suffer a spinal injury, you'll be told which of those four areas was injured as well as the discs that may have been involved. For example, cervical injuries may be labeled as C1 through C4 injures. A thoracic injury could be labeled T5 through T8.

Speeding causes serious, sometimes fatal, injuries

Getting somewhere faster than expected might be convenient, but it is also more dangerous. However, there are many drivers in Montana who ignore the risks and speed anyway. What these drivers may not understand is that they are not just putting themselves in harm's way -- they are also putting you and everyone else on the road at risk for serious injuries.

Some people do not walk away from speeding accidents, either. Accidents that involve speeding are much more likely to be fatal than those that occur at lower speeds. Although the problem may be getting somewhat better, thousands of people are still dying because of some drivers' reckless behavior behind the wheel.

Getting immediate care helps reduce the impact of a brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to serious complications. Many people struggle with temporary and permanent disabilities. Some pass away as a result of their injuries.

You may be surprised to know that head injuries are among the most common causes of death in the United States. Those injuries could be closed or open, caused by an object penetrating the skull or the skull hitting a hard object. Injuries can happen in any number of ways, and rapid treatment is the only way to help prevent the person's condition from worsening.

You can seek support as you recover from a brain injury

After a brain injury, something that many patients deal with is brain damage. When the brain goes without oxygen or is impacted acutely, cells die. Those cells can't regenerate, so any information that they held could be lost.

Did you know that around 2.6 million people suffer a brain injury of some kind each year? Brain injuries can be a result of anything from an illness to trauma. While traumatic brain injuries can be fatal (The Brain Injury Association reports that around 52,000 people die annually as a result), it's far more likely to continue living with some kind of injury and symptoms to accompany it.

What are some possible complications of a spinal cord injury?

Spinal injuries can be very serious. Even when they don't result in paralysis, there is a potential for complications and lifelong pain.

Not everyone who suffers from a spinal injury is going to have complications, but many do. It's important to note that some complications can be common, though. Take for instance syringomyelia. This is a condition that happens in around 3% of patients with spinal injuries. This is when a cyst grows within the spinal cord, eventually leading to spinal cord compression and myelopathy.

If you're in a crash, get the right diagnosis

Car crashes can be unpredictable. What happens in one may not happen in another, even under similar circumstances. As someone who has been involved in a crash, you know that the injuries you've suffered are unique to your situation. You also want to make sure that the driver who struck you is held responsible.

Injuries like yours can cause lasting issues in your life. You may have:

  • Chronic pain
  • Long-term nerve damage
  • Trouble with infection or secondary complications

Dealing with short-term memory loss after a TBI

You may not have realized you were even in an accident until your vehicle came to rest. In the mere seconds during which the accident took place, you may have hit your head. A doctor confirmed that you suffered a traumatic brain injury, but you feel lucky since you did not end up losing consciousness or end up in a coma. You know the situation could have been much worse, so you count your blessings and move forward.

Then you begin to notice that you easily forget things. This frustrating and stressful state of affairs may feel as though it will never end. Even a mild TBI can cause you weeks, months or even years of issues with your short-term memory, depending on the circumstances. Is there anything you can do to improve the situation?

Defects and recall notices: When issues could lead to crashes

If you hear that your vehicle has been recalled, it can be scary. At the same time, you may think that because nothing has happened, there's no real issue to worry about.

Unfortunately, many people are hurt because of auto defects each year. Seat belt defects, air bag defects and other issues can all leave people in extreme danger. For example, if an air bag goes off while a driver is traveling, they could end up involved in a serious collision. Similarly, if they are involved in a crash but their seat belt fails, they could be hurt or killed.

Study shows hope for regrowing nerves after spinal injuries

It's always an appropriate time to talk about life-changing advances in medicine, like this update from scientists who state that they've found a way to regrow nerves in rats with spinal cord injuries.

While rats aren't human by any means, this is an amazing step forward for people waiting for life-changing spinal cord treatment options. The new treatment, called "hydrogel," was used to create rat nerve cells in a cell-culture dish. The substance activates a molecule called Epac2, which is known to help with nerve growth in embryos.

How does a frontal lobe brain injury affect a patient?

Your loved one was just involved in a traumatic traffic collision, and you've been informed that they have a frontal lobe brain injury. This is a scary thing to find out, but what exactly does it mean?

In the short-term, it may be hard to see the implications of this injury. Initially, your loved one may sleep a lot or be sedated to reduce the chances of further injuries to the brain.

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