Oil Field And Other On-The-Job Injuries

While workers' compensation claims may address liability where one's immediate employer is liable, there often remains the matter of liability for other non-employer parties. Many times, this determination of third-party liability requires diligent research into obscure corporate records and business relationships that are not always readily apparent even to the employer and the potential client.

At Cok Kinzler PLLP, we make it our job to determine these matters of liability and protect our clients' rights aggressively.

When An Injury Occurs On The Oil Field

With the spike in Montana oil production also comes a rise in injuries resulting from the increase in work site traffic and motor vehicle accidents. The tragedy of an oil rig accident often stems from some other person's actions, negligence, wrongful act or mistake. As a result, other not-so-obvious parties may be at fault: subcontractors, materialmen, vendors and others.

Our firm has the experience required to perform the detailed investigation necessary to build a successful personal injury lawsuit.

The attorneys of our firm have more than 100 years of experience representing some of the most seriously injured people in Montana. We understand the nature of high-stakes litigation and negotiation. We know how to navigate the complicated laws, statutory and nonstatutory, that often govern injury cases.

Our advice is always frank and open. As a result, we are tremendously pleased by the fact that so many of our clients express such deep personal appreciation for our efforts. The fact that we have represented them and their loved ones with dignity is often a significant component of the professional pride we take in our work.

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