Fighting For Justice After A Serious Truck Accident

Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injuries that change people's lives forever. The increase of oil work in the last decade has also increased the traffic, both on the work sites and on the highways. Areas like Gallatin Canyon on Highway 191, Highway 93 near Missoula and Highway 2 on the highline have all seen a rise in trucking accidents.

The attorneys at Cok Kinzler PLLP understand the pressures that face families after such an accident. For this reason, our entire legal team works closely with our firm's clients to provide them with the legal advice they need to move forward with their lives while we handle their legal problems on their behalf.

Compassionate, Effective Legal Representation

Any truck accident case first and foremost means that clients need compassion. Purely legal technicalities by themselves will not build the most effective case in this situation. Many times, a successful case is only built through effective legal counseling and learning about the people and loved ones involved.

Our firm has experience with semi truck and tractor trailer accident cases on highways and work sites across Montana. In the worst-of-the-worst fatal cases, we know how to handle complicated wrongful death claims.

Our experienced attorneys understand what to look for in investigating your case, including trucking logs (which may show a driver violated federal hours-of-service regulations), maintenance records and black boxes. Our investigation is always done with a sensitivity to your family's needs. After all, ultimately, we do this to hold accountable those parties responsible for the injuries and to help our clients meet the increased financial obligations arising from these injuries.

Get Immediate Legal Help

To discuss your matter with a Bozeman truck accident lawyer, please call us at 800-677-6263. You can also schedule an initial consultation with an attorney from our firm by email.