Contaminated Water And Other Environmental Pollution

Cok Kinzler PLLP regularly litigates issues concerning environmental pollution and contamination. We protect our clients against the wrongful practices of power plants, oil companies, mining companies and railroad corporations.

Our lawyers understand the personal nature of this particular violation. People's homes and lives have been invaded by toxic chemicals. Their water is now polluted with dangerous chemicals.

Our clients are often fighting to get their land cleaned up by the very company that poisoned it. The diminished value of the poisoned property is an injury to our clients that many times threatens to rob them of the value of years of home payments and hard work. We work with our clients, both residential and commercial, to find solutions to these pollution matters.

Fighting Fracking-Related Water Contamination

Since 2007, Montana has seen a sharp increase in fuel production. Part of this increase has meant a rise in pollution and contamination resulting from drilling practices such as fracking. The oil companies pump chemicals into the earth that contaminate the groundwater relied upon by residents of our state.

Fracking joins the other causes of pollution and environmental contamination in Montana that come from railroad practices with respect to diesel fuel. Because this diesel fuel often seeps into the groundwater, water becomes contaminated.

As in so much of our firm's work, our attorneys are very familiar with the litigation strategies of large corporate players. We understand how to prepare large contamination cases for trial. Our opponents know our reputation for success. We are motivated by seeking justice for our clients and safeguarding the well-being of our community.

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