Injured In A Car Or Motorcycle Accident?

At the Bozeman law firm of Cok Kinzler PLLP, we place the highest premium on helping our clients deal with their legal problems and position themselves successfully for the future. When we are representing clients who have been injured in a traffic accident, our firm is focused on holding accountable those parties responsible for the injuries.

Our lawyers also work with our clients to determine what expenses and costs arise out of their injuries and how to best meet those expenses in the future. Normally, this means pursuing the parties responsible for the injuries to recover any benefits or proceeds necessary to alleviate our clients' financial burdens. If an insurance company improperly denied a claim, we may also be able to assist.

Call 800-677-6263 today. Our firm's attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience assisting clients deal with their most difficult legal problems.

Client-Centered Service

In assisting our clients, we emphasize clients' access to their cases. To that end, we provide our clients with a full team of legal professionals. Whether it's an attorney or a paralegal member of the client's team, a client will know that his or her case is staffed by professionals dedicated to the client's success.

As part of this client-centered approach, we only accept payment from our clients if we actually recover any proceeds or benefits for our clients.

Ultimately, our goal is to have our clients walk away from their experiences with us convinced that they were well-represented by an experienced legal team that works hard for its clients. The proof that we have achieved this goal occurs when clients refer their friends and loved ones to our firm.

Whether In Billings, Butte, Helena Or Another Part Of Montana, We Can Help

We are privileged to have so many people entrust their most difficult problems to us, and we enjoy rising to that challenge on our clients' behalf.

To discuss your traffic accident case with one of our Bozeman car accident attorneys, please call us at 800-677-6263. You can also schedule a completely discreet and entirely confidential free initial consultation with our office by email.