A Powerful Voice For The Injured

The law firm of Cok Kinzler PLLP is proud to offer comprehensive legal services to potential clients in Bozeman and its surrounding areas. We have provided legal solutions to clients across the state of Montana. Our lawyers are proud to protect our clients' rights. Very often, our clients are seriously injured and without a powerful enough voice to be heard by the people and corporations who have hurt them.

We make it our mission to provide our clients with this powerful voice. We ensure that our clients are indeed heard. In seeking this justice on behalf of our injured clients, we want our clients to receive assistance in meeting the new financial burdens posed by their injuries from those responsible for the injuries.

Experienced Trial Lawyers

If you have been injured, our law firm understands the complicated legal matters involved in making sure your voice is heard. We will provide you with that voice in a manner that is both respectful of your individual situation as well as aggressive with respect to the parties responsible for your injury.

We have assisted clients who have been injured in a number of different circumstances, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents that involved semi-trucks, cars, SUVs or motorcycles
  • Wrongful death claims after fatal accidents
  • Product liability situations when a defect caused a serious injury
  • Medical malpractice that has arisen from misdiagnosis to surgical mistakes
  • Environmental pollution contamination
  • Work site/oil field injuries
  • Gas and propane leaks and explosions
  • Insurance disputes and bad faith claims

Whatever your circumstances, our attorneys have more than 100 years of experience between them.

Our reputation for success is known by our opponents. They take our cases seriously and often work with us productively to resolve matters short of going to trial. But where trial is necessary to protect our clients' rights, our attorneys understand what effective representation at trial requires.

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