Why We Do What We Do

Cok Kinzler protects the safety of our community by serving as advocates for those who have been harmed, physically or financially, by the actions of others. We strive to safeguard the public from unsafe products and practices and believe that corporations and companies, regardless of how large and powerful, need to be held accountable for their choices.

Our commitment is to achieve justice for our clients and thereby safety for our community. Our attorneys have good judgment based on years of experience and the ability to identify and develop the strengths of the case, as well as the resources to thoroughly prepare and try a case. Cok Kinzler understands the law, how it works and how to present a straightforward and professional case to achieve justice and compensation for injured parties. For three decades we have secured justice and remedy for individuals while maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

A Team Standing Up For The Rights Of Injured Clients

Our clients come from across Montana and have been seriously injured as a result of the careless actions of other people and powerful corporations. Our clients often feel helpless and frustrated with the system. We make it our job to prove to them that somebody is indeed there to help and that the law can be a tool for justice.

To that end, our firm works together as a team to provide each of the firm's clients with the personal attention that they are entitled to expect from their attorneys. In this sense, we practice a traditional form of lawyering in which our actions as lawyers grow out of our personal relationship with our clients. We get to know our clients, their goals, their struggles and their individual preferences for how to conduct their cases.

How To Schedule A Free Consultation

Please call us at 800-677-6263 to set up a free initial consultation with one of our Bozeman accident lawyers. We will answer your legal questions and determine if we can be of assistance to you. You can also email us to schedule the same kind of completely confidential and entirely discreet conversation.